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hi all
just wondering how many had a OP birth (baby bron face up).
my first was she was all the way (meaning all through labour and birth she was face up).
i have been readin up on it as i didnt know much about it and its said that most labours like this will have a longer push period and are more likely to have an assisted vaginal birth or c-section. it also says that if you deliver vaginally you have a higher rate of episiotomy or very severe tears.
i had none of these, but was wondering how many of you had and what position your baby was born?

my lil one was op. the doc found that out when he checked the midwives had troubke because of the position of my cervix. i was already on a drip for the bacteria thingy so they gave me what the doc called jungle juice (he was a crack up) and she turned around but in the end i was tired n exhausted n just couldn go on so they ended up giving me a c section. later they said i may have a small pelvis but need xray to confirm that.

Hi My sister's DD was born OP she was in labour for 27 hours pushing for 4 hours and screaming with pain each push, rushed off to theatre for assisted delivery with forcips and 37 stiches later she held her DD!! OUCH


My Soph was face up all labour and delivery. I didn't tear or need episiotomy as she was two months early and not large. Labour was terribly uncomfortable and I had a doctor screech at the midwife that I should be on my left side and not my back! I didn't push for long but I have never had too luckily.

My dd1 was op, a very long labour plus episiotomy and forcep delivery. Not nice!! My other 2 were op, but turned during labour, than goodness
my dd was 5lb 9oz, and a week early. labour was uncomfortable but i spent most of it in the shower with HOT water on my back and this helped alot, when i wasnt in the shower i was on my back in bed, and was delivered by a midwife... is this normal as i thought docs were supposd to deliver op's? or is that only when complications occur?

Sorry dont know if that was normal but the experiences I have had with doctors in the public system, I was quite happy to just have midwives!

yes i was more than happy with my midwife she was wonderful. if a doc had of come in im sure he would of wanted assisted vaginal delivery... hope this one not to difficult lol

My 1st son was op. 15 hour labour almost 5 hours pushing 6 hours fully dilated. A very painful experience! I ended up with an epidural and vacume extraction a 2nd degree tear with over 20 stitches.

My 2nd sons deliver was a breeze by comparison! He was facing the right way. 5 hours and 19 minutes, 15 minutes pushing. The only down side was a much worse tear than with my 1st son over 30 stitches I tore in all different directions and into my bum (sorry TMI) but didn't need stitches there thats why still only called a 2nd degree tear.

Forgot to say- DS#1 was born at 37 weeks and 3.620kg (just under 8 pound), DS#2 was born at 38 weeks and 3.940kg (just under 9 pound he also had a 37.7cm head!).
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wow that must be bad, i couldnt imagine tearing well having stitches, i had a bad enough time after as it was and all i did was strech!!! with #1 i was in labour 29 hours pushing about 2-3 i think (cant really remember much of that stage...)

DS1 was born OP at 7lbs 6oz. I didn't really take much notice of how long the labour took (when do you start timing anyway?) I was just uncomfortable with annoying backache (like period pain) for a few hours. We waited until last minute to leave for the hospital and DS1 was born within the hour. One stitch, no drugs, too easy!!
sounds like you had it easy xxmum lol, i counted from my very first contraction (not sure when others do) as my contractions once started were pretty regular although still far apart at that stage. see my first contraction was 2 am saturday morn.... and got steadly stronger we went to hosp at half nine that night and i was only three centimeters dilated!!! then dd was born 5:13 sunday morn

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