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My 13 yo son and I play practical jokes on eachother but I got him a good one tonight....

He will hide my toothbrush, perfume, other personal belongings and I shortsheet his bed (during summer throw him in the pool),bbq sauce in the chocolate topping bottle and tonight I put red food colouring in his bathwater. I said it was coloured bubble bath but the bubbles were just a little shampoo.

He wasn't too impressed when he got out and his skin is a lovely shade of pink!!

Do you think I've really gone too far?
Nope. I think it is great that you have such a good relationship! Bring it on I'd day! LOL.

Great to see you can have a laugh about it. Just be carefeul as payback is sometimes a b!tch

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Thats funny, dont think you went too far, he would have done it first if he thought of it.... Good on you guys for having good old fashioned harmless fun

I have a 2 year old now!!

I just told hubby what I did and he wondered why the kids feet were red (they are not that red ..... just a little pink)!! So I had to fess up - he just laughed! Yes, I have to come clean - I put my 8yo and 2.5yo in the bath too! Now is that taking it a little too far....they did have fun :0
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Nope as long as they enjoyed it..

I have a 2 year old now!!

My god, what a cracker!
No if he doesn't think it's funny now, I'm sure it will be by his 21st.
(If he really is upset and may start to be concerned about what kids at school will think, just drop the line that food colouring is often throw around at bucks shows and B& S's and he can make up his own mind which yarn to spin.)
It sounds like you have a great relationship though ,congratulations!

Thats a bit more than a practical joke, I hope the food coloring comes off ok
My DH and I are having a good laugh! We love practical jokes! Thats a good one though I will have to remember that one!!

thats so funny!

You could have done much worse!

I remember muck up day for a grade higher than ours and they put condies crystals in the teachers pool.

Lets just say it ruined the lining of it - so dont suggest u bath ur kids in it haha
Heheheh!! That is a crack up!! I'd watch out if I were you though, if it were me I'd be plotting to get you back!!
Nope i think thats hilarious, BUT BEWARE, games on now and you won't be getting off lightly when he comes up with a really good one to get ya
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