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Cleaning Toys Lock Rss

Just wondering what methods people use to clean their fabric toys that won't go in the washing machine.

WA - gorgeous little girl

Depending what you mean for "clean" - I spray them with pine o clean disinfectant...(cause when i think clean I think germs), but soiled (dirty) toys I use a damp cloth, then spray with disinfectant.

My other toys I soak in disinfectant, and I do this almost weekly.

mAy all yOur wiSheS cOmE trUe...

I've popped fabric toys in the washing machine and they have come up fine - this includes the ones that says "surface washable only" & "do not immerse in water". I figured these are not too expensive to replace, so if they are ruined in the wash, it's not a big deal. I haven't done this with furry teddy bears though.

I have often wondered about using spray disinfectants (or any disinfectants) - are they safe as my kids still put everything in their mouths? I've wipe down furniture, etc with disinfectants but have not used it on toys that they chew.

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Hi Karen

I wipe them with diluted Milton Anti-bacterial Solution then completely dry before letting her at them again.

Leesa, NSW, Amy 27.05.04

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