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not sure if im posting this in the right section but its worth a try and im sure ill get some answers anyway...

my son is 5 months old and im thinking of starting too try for another one as i only want 2 children and would love them really close together but if i was too fall pregnant now my DS would only be 15 months old when new baby would be born well thats if i was too fall pregnant straight away... is this too early??? my mum says yeah have another one and then my nanna says no wait until he is one and that i need too give my first a chance too do everything my nanna had 12 children lol BIG family i have... but then i feel guilty like im not going too be able too give my second as much attension as my first... but my partner wants too but he works out of town for 14 days then comes home for 7 days soo he is no help too me would be all on my own...

how far apart did you have your children???

am i crazy...
i really dont know what too do... :S


im still breastfeeding and have not yet had my normal period back can this cause problems?
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I think it depends on what feels right for you. Our 2 boys are 18 months apart - and bcause they are boys I think they will be great mates growing up. We chose to have them close together to kind of get it all out the way - pregnancy, birth etc..instead of body goes back to normal - and then bang do it all over again. It all depends on routine...if you get a good routine in place and more importantly if you get a good baby (mine is great)it won't be too difficult - although my bub is only 2mths old..the only downside is he didn't really take to breastfeeding (took too long and problems attaching)- so i put him on formula at 3 days - as chasing after a toddler etc would have had me pulling my hair out. I think also when you breastfeed it becomes difficult to conceive - so you may have problems there...anyway another upside is the second is pretty much always easier - as you got to practice with the first..Good Luck!

SA, 2 beautiful boys 2.5 and 1 yrs

Hi Rachel,

My two older kids are only 15 months apart and what got me through it was having a good routine. It was hard at first, but I don't think that it matters when you have the second it is going to be hard. I was lucky DS was still having two huge day sleeps until he was 20 months old. THis gave me a chance to have regular rests.

I felt guilty that I didn't get to spend enough quality time with DS before DD was born because I was so exhausted. But labour was pretty fast and alot easier because my body hadn't returned to normal.

My guys are now three and two and are the best kids, DS thinks it is great as he has a little playmate that doesn't know any better and will do anything that he tells her. They are very close, I can only hope that this continues.

You may find it a little hard if you are still breast feeding and your periods are not back to normal, but there is no harm is trying. I was still exclusively breast feeding DS when I fell pregnant, but my husband reminds me that I am a freak of nature as I was also on the mini pill.

I was also very lucky to have an extremely helpful and understanding husband as well as a vey good 2nd bub who hardly made a noise.

My busy house

Do what feels right for you. I have four kids . 14 months, 19 months and 2 1/2 years apart. The 2 1/2 years apart was due to having a miscarriage. They are all great mates. And the older ones look after the little one. They all dote on her. (Age 7, 6, 4 and 2). It is hard work but rewarding. I wouldn't have it any other way. Good luck
Ok so my kids are 2 years and 1 month apart and there is 54 weeks between the younger 2. Ds is 3 DD is 13 mth and DS is 11 days. So all mine are close together, yes it is quite hard, but the more you have the easier it seems to get, experience I guess. We wanted our kids close together, so we are happy, mind you ther will be no more kids for us we are done. The biggest key is to have a routine, and stick to it, this helps alot, I didn't give special attention to the baby, or didn't make the others be quiet when he was asleep ect, he just had to fit in with every one else. They get used to it. You don't feel as tired from no sleep the subsiquent times as your body is used to not getting much sleep or it being broken ect. Just remember babies sleep ALOT too, so forget the housework, or don't do as much and spend time with the others while baby is asleep. I also sometimes leave the youngest with DH and go and do something special with either both or the oldest ect, like take DS (3) to see a movie or take the older 2 to a fun center or something. This way they don't resent baby taking up all your time, and it makes them feel special.

If you want to, go for it!You may not of started ovulating yet so that might be a problem.
i do want too im just worried about PND i havent suffered it yet but am dreading if i do and what would happen... i think i could do it but... i have always looked after my nephews right up until a week or soo before i had memphis soo i have had ALOT of experience with babies as i was looking after my sisters 2 from when they were new born... but im still not in the mood for sex either soo thats a problem and only seeing my partner every 2 weeks will also be a problem in trying too fall pregnant...

my partner and i decided too get married next september and i dont want too be pregnant on my wedding soo hopefully it happens soon and then i can work on my body shape for my dress lol im not goin too start planing the wedding until a year b4 the date which will be early september hopefully everything falls into place for me...

thanks for everyones advice it helped... smile

i agree with everyone, each too their own. whatever feels right for you. just adding me and my brother are 15 months apart to the day, and we have a better relationship then our other brothers (im only girl out of four kids, eldest bro is 6 years older, other one 2.5 years older and 15 motnhs younger). also i am pregnant with my second, my babies will be 16 months apart. i dont think i could do it if i didnt have my partner, but thats just me. we started trying again when dd was 5 months (although didnt really get into it till christmas- obvious reasons for tis the season to be jolly lmao) my other thought for wantin them close together was jealousy among the older child, and i know this is the case with younger ones too but i think it'd be easier for a younger child to get used to new addition then older (not wanting to start debate i know there are many opinions THIS IS JUST MINE)
have fun and happy ttc lmao

We have 16 months between DS1 and DS2, DS2 and DD1, and will have 19 months between DD1 and this bubs.

I love them being so close in age - but it can be hard work at times. As for your period, i've only had 4 periods since September 2002! Each time i've got it back after having a baby we've tried again straight away!

At the moment i'm 26 weeks pregnant with a 3yo, 2yo and 15month old! Come September i'll have 4 kids aged 4 and under and i love it!

Dette, DS 06.03, DS 10.04, DD 03.06 & Due Sept 07!

i have 23 months between 1 and 2 10.5 months between the 2 toddlers and have an 8 month old baby and am 6 months pregnant again, so ther will be about 11 months betweent hese next 2 babies. There are days when you just don't, but everyone has those, but generally i love the 10 month gap betweeen the boys, hard at first as the older one didn't crawl till after 12 months then walked at 14 months, so i had to carry 2 around everywhere, but now, i look at them and am so glad i did it close together, they are in trouble together and they have a great deal of fun with each other,, not forgetting they watch over each other as well. i love the close age gap..
lucky you dette with your periods i was worried that it was goin too be bad for my body as well as my body wouldnt have had a chance too function normal again...

alwaysawake i was also worried that my little one now wouldnt be crawling or walking by the time the next baby would be due either and i wasnt sure if it would be harder or easier if he was walking or not... im goin too start tryin as soon as my partner gets home from work which is another week... im sure he will be pleased LOL...

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