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What Nationality is everyone?? Lock Rss

Hi, i'm Italian background but Australian born, what about you guys??

My dad is Polynesian and Chinese and my mum is Aboriginal and Greek.

Kaliyah Jett 11/11/02 & Cruze Scarlett 8/8/06

Irish on my father's side and South African on my mother's side - Born in Australia. My partner: German from mother's side and but half Aboriginal/Torres Strait from his father. I'm hoping our kids take after him with lovely olive skin (he isn't too dark), blue eyes, and curly dark hair smile

wow, LinaC, that sounds like a gorgeous mix!!!!!
My mums side (greatgrandma) is maltese and Dads side (also great grandma) is french.
wow you all sound like a beautiful mix!!!
Both my parents are Maltese but I was born in Australia.
i was born in canberra australia

my mum is italian and english also born in australia
my father is japanese and english and born in japan

ali = )


New Zealandish.... but been here since I was 10 so pretty much an Aussie now...well, I get hassled by my relatives for having an Aussie accent so I might as well be tongue .
Australian born but dad is Welsh and mum is English along with a mixture of french, irish and spanish that we know of... thats where the dark hair and green eyes come from

HTB is Dutch but Australian born
Ned Kelly is one of my ancestors smile - sad

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