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What Nationality is everyone?? Rss

me: born in aust
dad: lebanese
mum: maori
hubby: lebanese

Oooh, Leo, maybe we are
My GGparents were Australian,
My Gparents are Australian
My Parents are Australian
So I guess I am at least 99% Australian, although there has to be some other nationality in me! Hope it is Irish, I love a good laugh!

DD1 July 2004 DD2 August 2007 DS September 2009

I am english, been here since I was two tho.
Dh is English but australian born.
Kids are 1st gen Australian I guess

I am australian. I have a german grandfather.

My partners family is italian and theres also greek and english on his mothers side. But his fathers side is all italian..

My father is is
[Edited on 09/09/2007]
I'm an Australian.
Mum is Australian
Dad is an Australian .
My ancestors came over as convicts!!!!!
I'm not very exotic!!LOL!!!

My mums side is burmese/indian and my dad's is English. I was born here tho.
All Aussie here

DS1-nearly 3 DD1-5 months and #3 on the way

I'm hungarian ..wish I was more exciting...think hungarian is kinda boring ..
Been in Australia for 12 years now !!
My background is Turkish and i was born here...

Bit of this, bit of that, you know how it is.. But mainly just aussie smile]
I was born in Australia, mum is Aussie and Dad is from Gibraltar (with a Maltese/Italian background).

Mum to Charlie (25/5/06) and Isla (22/5/08)

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