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What Nationality is everyone?? Lock Rss

Father - American Indian
Mother - A tart
Don't even know if this is my real father lol

To funny, only u could get away with this!!
I am an Australian Aboriginal.
My Mum is Aboriginal
My Dad is Aboriginal/Torres Strait Islander

My hubby is Torres Strait Islander
His parents are Torres Strait Islanders.

I know we have a little bit of everything else mixed in but not too sure what... Better ask my Mum..

nee Lilysmama - Proud Mama of 2 Girls

I am a Yorkshire lass but have lived in NZ for most of my life.
Partner is African

Charlie 14-Holly 11-Callum 9-Jasmine 7-Aston 2

Father - Australian cowcocky
Mother - Tart (cracka, I think we could be related!)

I am full blooded Aussie girl who grew up on the beach in Northern NSW in a little seaside village called Sawtell.
Hi mums

My husband & myself have very european backgrounds. Both of us were born here in Australia but on my side mum was born in France, while dad was born in Hungry and my grandfather was born Spain. And on my husbands side my in-laws were born in Italy. So my son Luca has a multicultural background.

We are hoping Luca pick up French & Italian.

I was born and raised in NZ to a family with English, Irish and Scottish backgrounds, but have been living in Oz for 11yrs now. Pretty much call myself an Aussie now, have no intention of leaving and will get my citizenship soon.
DF is Aussie born and bred (and boy does it show!!!), but his father was born in England.
Pretty boring really!!

DSS 13yr, DS1 4yr, DS2 3yr

Dad scottish, Mum english, me born here in beautiful Australia!!
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oi oi oi

I am Aboriginal
My mum is European
My Dad is Aboriginal
My husband is Aboriginal

Very proud of my heritage

good to see a diverse group here on the forum!
I am an Aussie girl

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