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What Nationality is everyone?? Lock Rss

Im an Aussie.
Mums side is Scots, Dad's is Aussie.

Hubby is half Chinese.

Mary-jane 08/07/06 George 19/07/07

Hi i'm egyptian...
Me - born in New Zealand
Parents - both English - moved to NZ when got married.
Husband - Maori & Chinese
Which makes my DD a lovely little mix - I am hoping she will tan easily when she is older and not burn and peel like me!!

My father is Serbian.

Mum is South American(Venezuela) and I was born here!!
I have an Australian mum & Scottish dad and my partner has a Chinese mum & English dad - multiculturism!

100% KIWI
ME (born in australia)- my dad is Danish (born in denmark), mum is 1/2aussie 1/2 irish (born in australia)

DP (born in australia)- Dad is croation (born in croatia) Mum is italian (born in italy)
Hi, my dad is italian and my mum greek. Catella
im a good old kiwi and damb proud of it lol
i am a white anglo-aussie and my partner is Chinese Cambodian.. our son looks like his father thank god grin and is beautiful

Ky,Tristan 1year old

I am American--guess that's kind of like a mutt. Oddly enough, most of my heritage is French. Since moving to AUS 4 yrs ago I have become somewhat embarrassed to say I'm American. I've met lots of people who dislike Americans and aren't afraid to tell me so. Not fair! smile My hubby is of Irish descent and even still has rellies living there. Pretty cool I think!

Mom of two beautiful little girls


me: born here in w.a hubby: born in w.a

my mum: mauritius
my dad: french

hubby's mum: portuguese
hubby's dad: italian

hey how do you put pics on here like mick?
it looks way cute!
want to show ppl our exotic lil bubba wink


mummy to dd 20/11/2006, dd18/02/2010

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