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What Nationality is everyone?? Rss

My mum is English

My dad is Australian with English/German/Aboriginal in his blood.

I'm Australian, with all above in my blood.

DH is Arabic, from Jordan

Our two sons are Australian, with all above in their blood!!

me: aussie
mum: german
dad: aussie

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gggparents: were maori
ggmother: was maori pakeha
grandparents: maori pakeha
grandnana: english
parents: maori english pakeha
me: pakeha english
dd: pakeha

So I guess a kiwi through and through!!!!!! Through can trace my mums side right back to the first maori chief. My dads side back to the english family ( queen etc ) apparently differntly know the first maori chief anyways. Though I am the last desentant of the maori blood and I only had a finger nail tip. Cathrine is just a kiwi

Megan: Cathrine 21/10/06 Alex 25/03/08

I'm Australian but my father is Irish and his irish ancestry goes back a long long way, my mother is English but her great grandmother was spanish and her Great Grandfather was German.

My DH is Australian (more so than me as his parents and both sides of grandparents were also Australian its only his Great Grandparents were English.)

My fathers side is Moari and Austrian (Moari princess back about 5 generations)
My Mother is Scottish and Welsh (has been traced back to Robin Hood apparently)

Me born in NZ raised in Oz

Partner born In South Africa his parents have Irish, German and Bushman

Our kids born in Oz
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"jill of all trades"

Mum: chinese

Dad : Chinese

I am chinese but live here since I was 12 so I guess I am half half...

Dave and I are both Aussies.
My parents and Dave's parents were born in Aust.
My grandparents were English and Scottish. On my dad's side I am related to a non pathalogic giant who was 7' 9" tall. My mum is related to Roger Bannister the runner. I have been told my babies is on the large side, I'm only 13 weeks so I hope the growing slows down. My dad's family has been traced back to the viking too.

Dave's side of the family is English/Irish

i'm aussie,, both parents and grandparents were raised here..
Hello everyone,

My mum is Aussie
Her mum is Irish
Her dad is Scottish
As 6 kids were born in Belgium
Father is from Belgium
His mother is from Brazil
His father is from France

Pretty big combination hey? yes they were all born and lived in those countries for many years.


My 2 Angels, Vanessa 10 & Tahlia 2

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gggrandparents immigrated from Germany and Scotland in a group of the first Doctors and nurses into Brisbane on the ship 'Flying Cloud', my Aunt still has his surgical tools (eeww). All Aussie after that.
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