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Ollie From NickJr Lock Rss

Has anyone seen or know were you can get Ollie toys from.I can't find them anywhere but i have heard of other people getting them in other states. I'm in Vic.


Haylee, Vic, Joshua 27.06.03, Caitlin 11.03.05

My daughter loves nick jr stuff too but its so hard to get any merchandise because alot of the shows are nick jr only so the major store dont stock it. I get some dora styff off ebay (when the price is reasonable) but with ollie he is australian only so dont think that will help although wouldnt hurt to do a search. I spoke to target and they are looking to get some dora stuff in as its getting popular. Apparently nick jr have a store at one of the theme parks in qld - movie world I think and you can get loads off stuff there so I have been told so if ytou know anyone going there or are willing to ring to see if they will do a phone order maybe???
Sorry not much help really was I
Good luck

Bec, NsW, charlie 5, AJ almost 3

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