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Hi girls

How are we tonight? and how has everyone day been?

Who is a stay at home mum here? can someone get back to me as I am a bit bored.

Hi newbaby I am a stay home mum to four young kids. My 2 yo is still up. I forget to take a batteries out of her today.
Hi im a stay at home mum. Hoping to get some kind of night job for a while though.
And then looking into home daycare. So i will still be a stay at home mum, just looking after other peoples kids as well.


I am a mother of 1 to a baby boy who is only 6 months old, boy can he scream or what and he loves the sound of his voice.

My baby boy is bibe months old. He was always quite, but discovered his voice about one month ago and now you cant shut him up.

Hes very cheeky, he laughs when you say NO, even if you say it in a cranky voice. So cute.

Hi Newbaby, I am Stay at homemum to 3yo Luke & 15mo Charlotte who's teething:-(
Hi connorsmummy

Where are you from?

Your boy sounds like mine.

Hi we live in caboolture qld.
But moved here from toowoomba in february.

Hi Jess

How are you coping with Charlotte's teething because my son is currently teething? It can get alful at times cant it because there not much you can do.

Do you enjoy being a stay at home mum?

Where are you from?

i'm a stay at home mum too, and loving it!!!
You leave where my cousin leaves in QLD. Lucky girl. I love QLD especially in winter. Before I was married and became a mum, I used to go every winter. The weather is always perfect.

My husband & myself are planning to go to QLD sometime this year to spend time with my family & to show of our son but we are still trying to work out what we are going to do with our cat "Cuddles".

Hopefully if we go this year. I can go again into the big brother house in Dream World.

Hi girls

Who here enjoys being a stay at home mum? do you have any regrets for not going back to work? & did you find in your mother group that you were the only one that decided not go back to work?

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