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we do get along.... however she can be annoying, especially that she is a former child care worker and I think that she thinks she is an expert. what she fails to understand is many things have changed since she completed her studies some 10 years ago, for example sids recomendations, she screws up her face if i tell her something that she dosen't beleive that is a fact....based on medical research. Now I try to keep my distance in order to keep the peace...however I remember how much I loved my grandmother so I don't want my baby to miss out on that relationship with his.
Sick of bitting my tongue and screeming inside my head when I'm around her.

Vic, 3 y.o boy

My Mother-In-Law is one from hell!!

She says that because she raised my husband for the first 17years of his life that we should be forever greatly and forever in her debt. She now has three kids to a new husband 15,12,9 and we should babysit them whenever she needs them babysat. Mind you I have 2 young children with another on the way as well!

If we dare say No she will never speak to us again! Which doesnt bother me, but my husband is a big softy and says, yeah okay all the time! Last time we said no she went 2 years without speaking to us.

Whenever she invites us around to dinner, its for a reason like the other night. We went over and as soon as we walked in the door she wants Ryan (my husband, a builder) to fix her stove, then her light switch, then the fan and we werent able to have dinner until it was all done. I won't go into much more as I could go on forever.

I hope all of yours arn't so bad.



i cant believe shes like that. she chose to have you husband you dont owe her anything i cant believe he thinks and feels like that. how old are her new children?

he deserved a better mum than that growing up. i am so sorry she's put you through all she has maybe i should be blessed mine aint as bad as i first thought.

Narelle, Eilish 5th june 2002 TTC since dec 2002

my mother inlaw mother and step mother are all fine when they dont contact me


Most ppl call me a saint to be able to put up with my mil she is a right pain in the butt. We get on pretty well tho she has a good heart but a big mouth that she uses b4 she thinks LOL. I have to say we get on pretty well and dont have many run in's.
Shannons grandma hates me &
Laras Nanny hates me

& the feeling r returned

i love DP's mum!! we get along great!!
I am going to be straight here I dont get along with at all.

The joys of having a newborn...

I think I've got it pretty good in the MIL dept.

She is really laid-back, and generous too. My only complaint would prob be that she's too laid back! lol
mil and i hate each other with a passion.
the way she trys to be my mother and yells and me and treats me like utter crap - i have a mother i dont need 2.
for 4 years i have put up with this women for the sake of my partner but we always keep our distance from each other and if she comes to the house i leave etc etc

posted byzoe2007
think I've got it pretty good in the MIL dept.

She is really laid-back, and generous too. My only complaint would prob be that she's too laid back! lol

I am in the same boat, only my MIL can sometimes be too generous lol

She loves her 3 boys and treats all her DIL's like her own daughters...and she became a first time Nanna 3 times over in the past year (april 06, sept 06 and our DS april 07) so needless to say she is over the moon and always has a gift or some homemade biscuits or slices when she comes to visit. I adore my DP's family, and feel very lucky.

Hmmmmm, not particularly. She lives far far away, so when she comes to visit it is usually for at least a week. We get along for about the first two days, then I'm ready to move out!!!!
She never really accepted me as part of the family. In fact, for Jon's 30th I organised a family reunion in Sydney for him, because his ship had just come in from South East Asia. In the middle of the organisation of hotels and stuff, she pipes up with "Oh, so you're coming? I thought it was only family?". So what are Charlotte and I, CHOPPED LIVER!?!?!?!

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