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I'd rather dine with the devil.
My MIL lives in France. She has been out to Aus once last summer and stayed with us for a month. I honestly can't say whether I like her or not because she only speaks French and I only speak English so we can't communicate properly.

my MIL and i get along well when we see her. she is so laid back that she never call us, if she needs something she will call her eldest son. If she does call she'll always ask for DH. She doesn't drive so she never visits.
Some would say she's the perfect MIL, you never hear from her lol

I love my MIL. She is awesome.

Charlie girl 15/01/06 & Dean the Machine 22/08/09

MIL is great. She lights up when she sees the boys and would do anything to help us.
She can over step the mark, she spoils the boys too much some times but I just keep reminding myself how awful it would be for the boys if she did not careless about them. That and we have sorted out an understanding that we can say whats what. Gently though!! IYKWIM!

2010 is going to be AWESOME!!!

Can't stand my MIL!!!! She is a trouble making, favours other grandchildren over mine!!, alchi!!!! We have little to do with her now as we live 500ks away YAY!!! She is free of the responsibility (sp) of HAVING to see her grandaughters!!

mmmmmmmmm............ I could go on & on & on & on & on & on & on LOL!!!
i love my MIL we get along awesome shes an awesome grandmother will do anything for anyone yes she does spoil the girls but if we have a problem we tell her and she doesnt get offended and respects us and vice versa.

hi i love my MIL like she is my mum... my partner and i had to move home a little while after the birth of DD and since then its been a blessing now we can save for a deposit for our own home
I really liked my ex MIL we got on great. But I have not seen nor heard from her since my ex and I split up 3 years ago. She has two other sons and would moan about how whenever they broke up with girlfriends the g/f's would come over and talk to her about it all and dump their [email protected] on her. I never did that, it was between my ex and me. She has spoken to my mum but I think unless I bumped into her somewhere I wont be seeing her any time soon.

As for my new MIL, she lives in New Jersey and I've only spoken to her on the phone. As much as I'm used to my DH's accent, she sounds like a character from The Sapranos. It would be interesting to see if I did get along with her after all the things DH has told me about her. And because of what he has told me, I think I'll stick to phone calls thanks!
Wow I am surprised that so many people do like their Mil's. I hate mine, well not really hate, but close to it, lol.

She's a silly cow, we have never gotten along and it's been 10 years, so I don't think that we ever will.

I am civil to her though and I tolerate her for Hubby and the kids, but as far as I'm concerned, the less we see of her the better!!
My MIL is fine. She only lives 2 hours away, but we don't see her all that often. She doesn't interfere and waits until I ask her for advise before dishing it out, we are pretty similar actually as far as our belief system goes and have had similar health issues and similar births, so there is a fair bit of common ground there.
Mine is ok too, until the plonk comes out and her gums start flapping & falsies fall out.

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