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Posted by: cracka
Mine is ok too, until the plonk comes out and her gums start flapping & falsies fall out.

LMAO, you wanna swap, yours sounds like fun!!
I get along with my inlaws a lot better than my own parents. There was a time I didnt, just after dd1 was born. MIL gave me a bit of unwanted advice and got a little strange for a while like she was trying to outdo me as a good mother and wife. As soon as the issue was addressed, everything was fine again
Nup, not a hope! Mine does all the normal grandmotherly things that they should, remembers the kids B'days, sends them postcards and little bits here and there during the year too, thats what old grannies do best even if they loose their teeth.

Hi, I get along ok with my MIL, she can be really sweet and down right annoying all in the same day. But she loves her 3 boys very much and she never had any daughters. She loves her 3 grandchildren to bits. I think i only find her annoying when she expects that when she says jump, that we say how high? She is a little too family orientated sometimes and we feel a bit smothered. But in saying that she really does mean well and i guess we can all be a bit annoying sometimes.

I know some MIL's can be total cows and i dont blame some people for hating them.

But in the end dont sweat the small stuff

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