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Kmart Toy Sale Lock Rss

Just got the latest Kmart magazine and there is a huge toy sale. Won't go into too many details as I am sure Princess~Leia will have it on her website soon if not already (and a very good website at that).

But a couple of tips... There is a new Leap Start Learning Gym which I actually bought before it was released in Aust. on EBay. Not for little babes as it is boring! More for when they situp. And the Power Touch by Fisher Price (also bought on EBay before released in Aust.) is another one not for little babes. It says from 6 months but I read up on it (USA site) before I bought it and apparently the 'dribble' (or spit or rasberries) get into it and you have to wait for it to dry as it scrambles the words.

I wish the mailman didn't drop these 'teasers' in my letterbox. Will have to layby so DH doesn't know!


I am trying to learn all the shorting of words is DH darling husband by any chance?

I too have seen the kmart catalogue and want to layby toys for our children but since we are on one income I have to probably wait for the target sale



melissa, vic, Patrick 2.5 & Laura 15 months

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