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Put this in the baby section but didn't get any responses yet, so thought I would check in here. Went to my local GP for my bubs 6 month checkup yesterday and he said that she has a slightly lazy eye. He also said that when he shined light into her right eye, she had good red eye reflex, but not in the left one. He said because of the combination of the two things she may have a cataract in her left eye. Have an appointment with the specialist tomorrow, but was wondering if anyone elses baby has had a cataract because I know hardly anything about them and I'm scared about what he is going to say.
I'm sorry I haven't heard of a baby with cataracts but my mum has had them removed without problems, it was a straightforward day procedure for an adult. I know its not really the same, sorry I couldn't help more.
Good luck

I have not experienced this with DS, but if you 'google' "lazy eye" and "cataracts in babies" - you will find a lot of sites to provide you with information.

From my experience - DS had a lazy eye from birth up until about 6 months - from what I understand it is a common occurance amongst babies. Also, from what I have read cataracts in babies are a rare occurance too (but that is just my understand of what I have read).

I know it is hard not to worry - you are allowed to your a mum. But have a look at what you can find on Google and perhaps maybe write down a list of questions you can ask the specialist when you see him/her.

Let us know how you go.

A friend of mine child had cataracts but was not picked up until he was 4 years. He had poor vision. He had cataract surgery and he can see much better. You need to speak to the specialist. Every child is different. My 4 yo son has a turn eye. Any more questions I am happy to help.
hey let us know how you get on. I took my daughter to see someone about a lazy eye and in the mean time i thought a cataract had formed but it turned out to be something else. all the best keep us informed and i hope it is only a cataract and not what our daughter had. lots of love Kel will tell u more about it when u respond gasp)

Mckenzie Cate 28/7/04 & Lexi Breanne 10/5/07

Thanks for the responses everyone! I went to the specialist today and thank goodness it was nothing to worry about. My GP got it completely wrong and she only has something called Pseudostrabismus which is the appearance of cross eyes which is caused by the childs facial appearance (bridge of the nose). Apparently they grow into their features and the 'cross eye' goes away. I guess it pays to get the facts before worrying too much! Thanks again.
thats fantastic news!! k wll tell u my girls story. I noticed a lazy eye end of Nov so got an appointment with my GP who checked her eyes out and said nthing untoward, but i will refer u to to specialist. and got otld should be about three months. sweeet well so i thought! beginning to mid Jan we noted a 'cloud' or reflection like thing occur over her pupil. so we brought her appointment foward. end of Jan our lives changed as did our daughters. she was diagnosed with retinoblastoma a cancer in her eye. she had her eye removed on 8th feb thisyear and is currently under going chemo with two more rounds to go! (trust me compared to what other kids go thru, Kenzie is lucky) she also had a really good prognosis thankfully. so yeah hence why i didnt want to scare you yesterday but also wanted to wish u luck as all those first thoughts when told did come rushing back to me! but yay for you and all the best!!! love Kel

Mckenzie Cate 28/7/04 & Lexi Breanne 10/5/07

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