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Single Mum and the 'other family' Lock Rss

I'm a single mum, and my baby's father has not been around since making me leave when i told him I was pregnant with his child. His brother and his sister and their families, however, have always been supportive, and ring up every so often to ask about her. I'm not too sure where I fit into that family. Her father's parents are angry with me for falling pregnant, and I have been feeling a bit down thinking that my baby and I are tearing that family apart, since those members talking to the baby are no longer talking the rest of the family and are told that they are taking sides with the 'tramp' over their own flesh and blood. Anyone relate to this?

mother to Hannah born August 9 2003

Hi Jade H,
I sorry, I don't have this problem, but please don't think you are the one tearing the family apart. The people who have the heart to make contact with you and your baby, do so of their own free will. It was their choice to be part of your daughters life, so let them be in it without you feeling guilty. The other members in the family May come around in time. If not, it will be their loss not to know your precious daughter. Good luck.

Mother of 3, Qld

Hi there yes its sad when they fight over silly things. My ex family dont have anythink to do with my children except for one brother and his family. They have been there to help me through thick and thin and its sad but this always seems to happen. Dont feel bad about the situation as every one has there own mind to think and do as they want so if some want to stay in contact with you then they are great for doing so. The others will miss out on so much. Best of luck and take care.

Thankyou for the advice. Yes it is their loss if they wish to behave like this

mother to Hannah born August 9 2003

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