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Embryos on ice???? Lock Rss

Hi All,
Does anyone have frozen embryos? We have 10. Very ethical decisions to be made. We have twins thanks to IVF is only 5 years and if we donate it's like adopting 10 babies. I have to keep reminding myself that they are cells, 48hour old cells. Its such a hard decision, at least now if you donate them to science you can choose the research project and as a friend of ours has a terminal genetic disease, and my daughter is deaf, it will maybe give hope to others???!!!
Susan 20month old twins

Susan twinmum boy/girl Oct 2003

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Hi Susan

We also have about 10 frozen embryos, we had 3 IVF attempts which failed before conceiving naturally with our 8 mo old son. I made the decision to keep them frozen as I want the security in case I have problems when I try for my next child. I also struggled with the concept of donating them as I look at my son and think that although another couple would be so deserving it would be our child. Selfish I know but I dont think I could rest easy not knowing if my son had a brother or sister somewhere???

Difficult decision isnt it.
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