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My little cherub is teething and just soooo miserable but I wanted to share this as my heart just melted...

Put to bed - Grizzled - Patted - Grizzed - Stroked - Grizzled - Picked up and soothed - Back to bed - Grizzled - 30 minutes later still grizzling - Picked up & cuddled

So while I was cuddling, I sat on a chair in her room and was patting her hair and she started to grizzle - again. This went on for 5 minutes so I started to shhh her and put my head on her head and she pulled her head out, looked up at me and smiled, put her head back under mine and sighed. Alseep in 1 minute.


(grizzling to me is whinging not crying!)

Oh Kylie, you make me want to go and pick my little girl out of her cot and cuddle her!

I can be giving Gemma a cuddle and she will pull away from me, look at me then grab my head and pull it thowards her and hug my head so we are cheek to cheek. I just want to squeeze her back into my heart, I love her so much!

DD1 July 2004 DD2 August 2007 DS September 2009

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