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Legal Issues with parenting Lock Rss

Overseas, I know with single parent families one parent can 'adopt' the child from the other parent so that all legal rights are given up and that person no longer has to pay child support. I don't want money from my ex partner, and he doesn't want to pay it nor does he want to see the child, so it would be best for us both if he gave up his rights then no longer paid child support. Do we have a system like that here?

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I'm not sure how the system works. Just understand that he may want to get to know his child further down the track! This is a good idea, mainly for the child so long as you know the child will NOT be in any danger! Make sure when you find out about the whole thing that the person explains all your options and your rights as well as the childs rights!! It is a shame that some fathers don't care about their children but at least your child has one parent that loves and cares for them! Best wishes!

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ring up a legal aid and talk to them they are the only person who would give a non biased opinion.

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i don't know about getting him out of child support but you can get full custody and in some cases i believe the other person doesn't have to be informed until after to decision has been finalised but i don't know if you need to meet certain criteria thoughthe person i'm thiking of had a scitsorphrinic (i can't spell that word) partner, but legal does give free advice over the phone.

I hope this helps.

P.S I'm sure you're doing a wonderful job on your own, try to ignore & seperate yourself from those in his family who insist on being nasty before it has an affect on your child.

GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!

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