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i had a white pair of roller skates with red laces and loop holes,and red wheels. i thought they were just un real! i remember when i first got them i use to clean them every night, that soon faded away! haha

yoyos were quite big back then aswell, especially the coca cola ones, oh and those coca cola radios, the ones that looked like a coke bottle!

3 Little Ones to Love.....

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I'm a 1980 bub. Who remembers The Chipmunks? Wasn't allowed their first tape but talked Grandma into getting the 2nd one! Cassette walkmans were cool too, years before Mum would let me have one though. What about the pop ball (think that's what they were called) - tennis ball cut in half that you turned inside out and dropped on the ground or laid flat & it'd spring back up the right way? Busting empty popper juices at lunch at school - do kids still do that?
rainbow coloured shoelaces, carebears, smurfs oh the list is endless lol
I'm an 81 munchkin! I was talking to someone who is 18 the other day and they didn't even know who SaltnPepa or Tupac were! OMFG, it made me feel soooooo old! LOL.

Hi everyone i was an 1982 bub but what i remember the most was "Young Talent Time" i loved them and still have a box full of videaos, tapes and pics just cant being myself to though them out.

Hi everybody!

i am a '86 girl and i definately remember the slap bands, going rollerskating on a wednesday cool and those little clear red hearts were the absolute candy craze at my school!

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and those little clear red hearts were the absolute candy craze at my school!
OMG! I forgot about those lollies! They were like 2c each! We used to run down to the shop & clean them out after school!
Remember we used to wear bike shorts as well? with big sloppy t-shirts?
Denim jackets, scrunchies, Bon Jovi, big dangly earrings, drop waist belts, thick elastic belts oohhhhhhhhhh the memories!
and in the 80's, dim sims and potato cakes were like 20c possibly 10c!
50c worth of chips was enough for 3!
and most lollies were 1c each!
Icy Poles were 30c

3 Little Ones to Love.....

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