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oh and the LOVERLY hippie coloured leggings...oh the photos remember my shame lol i remember widget the world watcher astroboy and when roald dahl the witches came out! not to forget my star wars ewok lunch box and how cool mickey mouse was.

i am an '82' girl too. im trying to think of some of the music and shows/cartoons.
ok, i can think of a few songs, but i dunno if it was my family that influenced them or if they were on th eradio etc...

november rain... guns n roses
horses ....daryl braithwaite
kylie minogue...locomotion, hand on your heart
new kids on the block
belinda carlisle (my brother liked her)
roy orbison, you got it

As for shows, well,
cant remeber exactly if it was early 90s or in the 80s, but here are a few

flying doctors
a country practice
run rebekah run? may have been a movie
the land before time
Neighbours use to be on at like 6pm i think....

Oh and remeber the happy meal toys from macca? they were like transformers, they had the fries the coke cup, they were all go!

3 Little Ones to Love.....

ok one more.....

1 song sticks in my head from a child. that How Bizarre i loved it! singin it with a mega icypole as a mike lol couldnt belive it when i heard it on the radio the olther day!!!!!!!

i am an 82 girl,
this is really daggy but can any one remenber the neigbours trading cards, i used to have heaps thought i was really good, the slap bands they were great.
mum bought be a crimper used to have it like that everyday lol.
i feel so old lol

Oh my goodness!!! This brings back memories! I'm an '82 girl as well. I remember everything everyone has mentioned! Was Rainbow Brite 80's? Oh! And Strawberry Shortcake? I got a Strawberry Shortcake towel for my DD. I loved Mr Squiggle!!! Blackboard always made me laugh!(HURRY UP!) Was he 80's as well or early 90's? I think Inspector Gadget was probably early 90's...It's so hard to remember!!!

I'm a 1980 girl! All these things you are talking about makes me feel so old! lol, I'm sitting here laughing thinking yep i had that, and, oh i remember that!!

I had a strawberry shortcake doll! Cabbage Patch Dolls were pretty big too!!

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You know what I think is funny... When a 'new' song is out and my younger brothers or sister (ages 12-16) tell me 'You have to hear this cool new song!'. So I sit down to listen to it and it's a REMAKE of a song I used to listen to when I was their age or younger! It's hilarious!

come on girls, 90210 who eles loved jason preistly, i had the t shirts, the button covers, pins, necklaces, i was devoted. and anyone else love rainbow bright when they were little i cant find anyting to do with her these days. and i love cabbage patch dolls i wish i had a little girl so i could but oh i cant remember what they were called but they were like half lion half bumblebee and things like that.
Anyone else remember playing elastics?? Where two people would wear them around their legs and you would do little routines in between?

yes, we played elastics all the time! my mum played it when she was a little girl aswell... im not sure they still play it these days, as my neice goes "huh" elastics? whats that? lol
we use to play a game called FLY, it is wehre ya have about 20 cane sticks and set them all down on the ground likee train tracks kind of! and then you arent aloud to touch them and have to take only one step in between each stick, at the end you had to jump as far as you could then you select a stick to move to that spot, then a big gap appears, then whoever cant jump through it in one step is out.

Then there was Rounders!

and the skipping ropes at school where two people would turn it while everyone else tried to go through as fast as they could!

3 Little Ones to Love.....

OMG The 80's Im a 1981 baby I remember elastics that was what we played every lunch time Im trying to remember the ryhmes (england irleand scotland wales inside outside donkeys tales OMG I cant believe I remember that where you started at ankles then went knees thighs hips then arm pits) and I LOVED PUNKY BREWSTER she had her multi coloured socks and shoes ( I had them) And Kylie Mole she was so exxcellent hehehe, Does anyone remember New Kids On the Block.
God I cant believe any of the stuff we used to love
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