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Hi Dominique,

I used to love "Whats the time Mr Wolf" - it was a great game hahha


He he this is so funny. I am a 79 baby.
I used to wear a pair of black stirrup pants to school with the shoes with the big buckle on the side, did anyone have them?
I remember the fluro coloured clothes, remember the Hang Ten brand! My brothers tshirts were always cooler so I used to wear his lol
I had a hot pink snap band, the person who said there were banded at school made me laugh coz mine split and the metal was exposed, it used to hurt lol
I still have my crimper, and it works!!
Did anyone used to comb their fringe up and over and then spray it with hard spray until it was stiff?
Hey and having your tshirt tucked in at the front and hanging out at the back lol
What about My Child dolls? I loved mine. And troll dolls!
I could go on! Did anyone have a pair of super tight ribbed darked denim jeans from Jeanswest?
hi, how come this forum page has only 3 pages? over 30's have like 32 pages come on girls u can think of other things. i was born in 1980.i remember the slap bands and teasing your fringe. we did alot of skipping back then. iv'e still got my cabbage patch doll from 85. i remember when the screaming jets came out in the 80's. oh how everything has changed, but the fashion is coming back, u know.
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OMG!!! Troll Dolls! I collected them. I also had the ones you put on the end of your pens! I think almost everyone had them...

The Fraggles! I loved the Fraggles, 'Down at Fraggle rock!'

Oh yeah, those black leggings with the band that went under your foot-just like all you other ladies that mentioned them, I must admit I owned some. They looked real cool with the hypercolour t-shirts, for sure!

I loved my bubble skirt! It was red with white polka dots. Mum found one exactly the same in big w I think and so she bought it for Bella! I nearly screamed-it's just perfect. Now we'll have photos of me in my bubble skirt and my daughter in one exactly the same.

RAGE! That opening 'rage' scream was so popular. Does it still have the chicks lips mouthing 'Rage, rage, rage...?'

I still have my rainbow brite doll and the orange star doll thing that went with her. I have my cabbage patch doll too.

Oh, just remembered...Not sure if it's 80's, could be 90's, O Penny! I remember I had her house with furniture and friends and a car. Oh, I had her stable with fences and horses.

I'm going to be thinking about this and trying to remember awesome stuff all night! This is a great thread...

Love it ladies...
I am a 1980 girl and was smiling the whole way through.
we have recently been going through our childhood photos trying to figure out just who bubs looks like- my fringe was massive- you could have ride a surfboard in there!
My favourite band was New kids on the block.... I even went to their concert!!!! oh the shame!!! I even had a mullet....
I also used to wear my cap with the brim flicked up... it was very cool
Oh yeah! Flicking the brim up! My mum would go mad at me when I did that. I'd try to tease my hair and it would get so knotty mum would spend all night trying to get the knots out! I thought it was cool, mum begged to differ i'm sure...

Oh, oh, oh! Was Jason Donovan 80's or 90's? Probably 90's. 'Especially for you' with Kylie Minogue! Have I remembered that correctly? After so many years it's a bit sketchy! Oooh, we're sounding old!

I loved my transformers! I had one fave and I 'transformed' him so much he broke.
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i remember that chewy that crackled, i loved it, it was in a blue packet with i think an alien on the front. just cant remember the name.
And yes, i hate to admit it, and wasnt going to be the first too, but i use to do my fringe like combed over and up and half a can of hair spray, ( what were we thinking????)

3 Little Ones to Love.....

This is hillarious!!!!! You girls have cracked me up!!!

I'm a 1981 girl...and izzymum I so remember Fraggle Rock that was soooo cool...and the slap bands and I sooo remember crimping my hair, srunchy socks and wearing hyper coloured T-shirt (and yes sad to say all at once arrrrhhhh) oh my god that was hidious!!!!

What a good thread....

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Hi girls,

I was born in 1981 and like most of you I too remember punky brewster,slap bands,scrunchy socks and as for crimped hair my DD#1 who is 7 always asks for hers to be done.

I will admit one thing and that is that i LOVED Boy George lol.

I'm going to scream! Boy George was awesome! Karma Chameleon was my fave song! I played it at schoolies over and over! Embarrasing for everyone else but I love that song...still do. Wham as well, were they 80's? They had to be-their clothes were 80's enough. 'Wake me up before you go go'... I still know all the words! Love that song too. It's on in the car often. I love the 80's power ballads. 'Wherever you go, I'll be with you...' can't help singing it out loud now that I've just remembered it!

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