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IM A 1984 bub! Can i join in?
How are you all and all your bubs?

Tamara ALEXANDER 30/11/06

Hi Tamara,

I'm Suzee 26 and have 3 children.
We live in Melbourne and its freezing at my house but apart from that everyone at my house great.

What about you?
Hi girls, I'm kat, i'm 27.
i have a nearly 3yr old little boy and a 9mth old baby girl.. They are just too cute!!!
I'm typing with one hand and giving Annalise a bottle with the other. It is a bit tricky but I'm getting used to it.
We're in Sydney and freezing!!!
DS has developed cabin fever!!!HELP!!!

Hey Ladies,
I'm Jen and I'm almost 25. I've got two gorgeous kids, DD 19months and DS 5months. They are heaps of fun. I'm in Cairns and it's rainning and overcast. Not freezing just a little cold. Still in shorts and shirt though. Talk about cabin fever!!!! We've got it too!
Ha punky brewster!!!Man I loved that show. And the Smurfs! Dunno how old it is but I loved Pippi Longstocking!! My mum loves all the old movies so it may not have been the 80's.
Well done Kat with the multi-tasking!! I've got one alseep and the other eating lunch, the dishes full of dishes so i'm off for now to do them.

*Love my babies*

Hey girls,

I'm Nic, i have a 3yo DS, 19 month old DD and 5 week old DS,

What about "the flintstones!" Loved all those cartoons, oh and He-man and Shera(not sure if that was her name or not tho)

Alex 03, Lauren 05, Matt 07, Cora 09

I have a twin brother and he ahd Heman and I had Shera and we shared the Castle of Greyskull!!
Who remembers cutting a piece of plastic fom the 2lt milk containers and pegging it on to your BMX bikes wheel so it sounded like it had an engiene?

Hi i'm jac i'm 24 from sydney also a 1982 baby! I have 1 bubba who is 10 weeks old (wow time flies!)
I remember my mum dressing me upin horrible 80's fashions like GLOW green short with GLOW pink socks over GLOW Orange tights and a GLOW yellow T-shirt YIKES! apparently I told her i wanted to wear it... but really mum for a photo with santa that I am now confronted with every christmas... you could have stopped me!

I'm an '81 Baby!

I rememeber those pants with the lacky at the bottom so that they wouldn't ride up. hehe.

I had slap bands and went to the Rollerdisco and the Yoyo was my brother's favourite in the 80s.

About crimped hair..... I've had to do it to my daughter for dance concerts and she got a hair styling kit that has crimpers in it, so its still around.

My cousins had the pig toy boxes.

Grlfriend was my favourite too. I actually got my daughter's name from one of them, Siobhan. Loved it since hearing it back then and still do.

Oh those were the days!!!! hehehehehehehe

Andrae,WA - Liam, Siobhan and Erin

Andrae-I've always wondered how you pronounce Siobhan? I've heard it a couple of times, like when Girlfriend where on Where Are They Now? I know it's not pronounced how it's spelt but can't for the life of me remember how it's pronounced.

I'm a 1987 baby so I also don't really remember much of the 80's .

did anyone have one of those pink pig toy boxes?

OMG! My sis has a blue one and a yellow one!
We've got pics of her opening it for crissy she was so excited, the look on her face is priceless!
Oh and who remembers shows like captain planet and widget the world watcher from the 90's?
I loved those show, DF and I still talk about them lol.
Oh the memories! I'm a 1980 baby. The person who wanted to know what the things were that were 1/2 lion 1/2 bumblebee (mothertocuties, I think?) they were THE WUZZLES! And I've been telling my DH about them for years and he thinks I'm a nutter (he's a 70's baby though, so he was actually TOO OLD for all this stuff ... and I still laugh at him becuase he remembers the first time he saw colour TV!!!) and my friends all tell me about strawberry shortcake and stuff, but I thought the Wuzzles were very cool.

How about It's a Knockout - that gameshow thing that was on Sunday nights where they had teams from each state with two guys and two girls and that big fat Ricky guy comentating and they did stuff like run on pontoons along a pool to reach a pirate ship and stuff like that?

And this will test memories of wannabe Smurfettes - who remembers what Gargamelle's cat was called?

It was Esmerelda!

And how cool was Monkey Magic on ABC with Pigsy and buddah type kid who rode the white horse and who no-one could work out if it was a boy or girl? And Astro Boy!
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