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Fun with the Under 30's!!! Lock Rss

anyone remember gumby (sp)not sure if it was the 80s or 90s i have a few of the toys round from maccas somewhere....

Hey anyonez angel,

how could i have forgotten gumby i used to love that show, Agro's cartoon connection was great & saturday disney.

I don't like the new shows they have on these days, they are so different to what i grew up with.

Play School, Sesame Street, Johnson & friends, Mr Squiggle
(i loved black board). I can't remember too many other shows cos i was 87 born but i remember some of the things everyone has been talkin bout.

WOW!!! I am an 83 baby and reading these have brought back so many memories. I have not thought about these things for so long. Thanks girls!!!

When DD gets a little older I will enjoy watching some old shows with her.

Hi everyone. I am an 83 baby and talk about blast from the past. What about the original ninja turtles! I can't believe that they have remade them- the original is always the best. Oh and that Hey Dad! show that was funny too. They always get rid of the good shows. Did anyone see on that Where are they now they had the cast from hey dad and from Gladiators. I still think it is funny that "FLAME" was actually an ambulance officer.

what about the raggy dolls, with sad sack!? dunno if that was the 80's

(singing)*raggy dolls
raggy dolls
dolls like (or for?) you and me*
i loved monkey magic.....
What about gummi bears the show where they drink some fuit and bounce everywhere i loved that show.... probably still do.
I loved Mr squiggle haha and the black board "hurry up" i still have his voice implanted in my brain...
I loved those slap bands they were so so kool i had so many ... my brother used to dob on me all the time cuz i would slap him with them hehe..
and those scrunchie socks so hott... i think my mum stills has some of those even tho she doesnt wear them (i hope)

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Hey Jen82, isn't the weather here terrible? the kids i look after are going nutty! i'm in Bayview, where abouts are you. By the way, i'm an 83 baby!
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HI all! im a 1984 baby.... no one mentioned the crinkle socks that we used to wear over tights with boots ha ha actually that may have been early 90's?
Hey Girls,

So many memories. There was one show I can't think of the name of it it had the balls you sat on with ears and bounceda balloon?? Sorry I'll ask hubby when he gets home He's full of all that junk. He Loves everything 80's. He brought the whole He-man series. We've got it on dvd's. He ings songs from old commericals all the time. It's funny. Dunno how he remembers all that stuff. What about terry towelling clothing??!!! New Kids ON the Block? Sooty and friends? The list is endless.
Baby girl I'm in Redlynch. Only been her a few months but haven't heard of Bayview. I'll go look at the map now. I've found it hard to find a playgroup up here. Everyone seems a bit clicky. But anyway.

*Love my babies*

hiya, i was born 1980.

what about:
kylie minogues 'locomotion'
New Kids on the Block
kung fu shoes
spiral perms (hmm that could be 90s thing?)
bike shorts - black with the colour strip down the leg
playing elastics

being a kid in the 80s i guess i associate a lot of that time with the toys that were around like;
my little pony
teenage mutant ninga turtles
sylvanian familes
strawberry shortcake
..its funny that all these are back on the market again!

Caitlyn born 14-03-07 Jack born 06-04-09

OMG, i remember all this stuff, I used to LOVe playing elastics.....
I am an 84 baby btw, sorry, forgot to introduce myself. I am Alisha, have 2 boys, 3.5 and 21mths...

Does anyone remember those Fluro miniskirts that came with those big thick black belts???

I cannot believe all this stuff, the 80's were so much fun!!!!

Jordan 4.5yrs, Brandon 2.5mths and Bubble due 19/1

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