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Fun with the Under 30's!!! Lock Rss

Oh the tv show i as thinking about was Romper Room! Yesh thoses Stretchy elastic black belts with the hooks like on your bra!! Man Funny stuff

*Love my babies*

I'm too old for this section, but do any of you remember RaRa skirts? Striped & polka dotted alternative ra's!! hahe. And the Button Belts... they're the thick elastic belts. What about Peasant tops? And my all time favourite, Danger Mouse...
I loved Danger Mouse, and Roger Ramjet. I had a hot pink ra ra skirt and I didn't go anywhere without wearing my thick elastic belt. Oh the 80's!
Oh yeah and I saw Punky Brewster live at Carindale Shopping centre, Brisbane. I think it was 1988? Did anyone else see her then? I nearly fainted, she was my all time afvourite person.
hi girls my name is ali an i have a little girl 5mnths and 2 step duaghters which are 4 and 7

i'm a 83 baby, i rememder the snap bands and parachute pants. lol oh how fashion has changed.

i remember all the cartoons like bugs bunny,porky pig, tweety and sylvester, daffy duck, tom and geri and the rest. they were great cartoons compared to what our kids are`all watching these days.. i just asked my 7yr old and she hasn't heard of half these cartoons. that makes me feel old lol

oh my good, what about popyee, lol
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ali = )

Yes the kids of today don't know what they are missing out on. Although there was "FAT CAT"- He was how shall I say 'special'!!!

Hey there I was born in 1978 and 28 years old. Remeber those coloured bangles that you wore up to elbow. Also those coloured socks that you wore rolled down, heaps of jewellery and people wanting to be like Madonna, Oh the cripped hair that you made you look like a poodle how could I forget. Rock and roll skirts, those hot pants, legging and sock warmers. Pretty cool. I am a mum to a 2 year old boy. Cheers hope all is going well. Cheers from Danni
81! The 80's were great. I loved Cher. Actually still do and all other 80's music, great for karaoke flashback girl nights out.
Its good to see people still having babies younger then the newspapers always state.
well because i've been reminded of the wuzzles, i'm now checking them out on ebay, and too bad i'm broke. i just want everything!!!

oh and what about the sooty sweep show??
Hey everyone

wat about yogi bear, pink panther, hucklberry hound, the jetsons, all those hanna barbera cartoons... i absolutly loved those cartoons.

Hi Everyone,

My name is Melina and i have 2girls. I was born in 83. I used to love Roger Rabbit!

Kaliyah Jett 11/11/02 & Cruze Scarlett 8/8/06

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