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hi everyone,
bradley is 21months old and has flat feet, justwondering if any body knows if he will grow arches or do i have to get special shoes or will he be fine the way they are.

hi, my little boy has clubfoot....big difference i know, but i would go to your gp and ask for a referal to a pediatric orthopeadic surgeon......through the public hospital. where are you from???? if you are in brisbane ask for ivan astori at the mater childrens, he is brilliant(that is my ds specialist)he will tell you if you need anything done.........hope this helps, cheers cat.

You've probably already googled it and what not, but this is what I found:

I know my uncle had flat feet (pretty bad case I think) and he had surgery on both feet when he was a teenager (so it was about 20+ years ago), was in plaster up to his knee's and in a wheel chair for that time. But obviously time and technology has changed, so prehaps they have an easier way to fix this problem!
Hope the link gives you a little more info!

Hi there

I've just been reading about feet as we were looking to buy shoes for my DD whose been walking about 2 months now.

Its normal for babies to have flat feet and the arches dont develop properly until around age 6, with babies they have a pad of fat under the feet which stays till around 2-3 and so covers where the arch is and then it takes to about age 6 before the arch develops properly.

I think there's only need for concern if your child is having difficulty walking.


My DD #2 has got quite flat feet- I have had some concern about this as well and was told by the CHN that it can be normal for children to have very flat feet at this age- and this can change as they get older.

A friend who's BIL is a podiatrist has written a book all about children's feet. He also says that it is quite common for children to have flat feet. He recommends children visitng a podiatrist- especially if you are concerned- but also promotes using play to exercise the feet and encourage muscle development and tone. He has a book which includes examples of exercsies- which include going barefoot often especially during play. Climbing on climbing equipment such as ladders, bounicing on trampolines etc. His name is Ashley Mahoney- he works in Brisbane- his book is available online at .
I have flat feet and have never had a problem. You could probably get those arches for inside your childs shoes but they annoyed the crap outta me.
thanks everyone for your replys, it does not seem to be bothering him, he is only ever in shoes if we go out.
hopefully he wont have any problems.

I have twins a boy and a girl and my little girl walks with her left foot turned out and with a little limp. She started walking at about 19 months which was after her brother and from day one her foot has always turned out. We took her to the Peadatrician and he has referred us to a Peadeatric Orthopedic Surgeon to see what he suggests as the sole of hwr left foot is crooked and her ankle bone sticks out. I never noticed it until the Pead picked it up. Her right foot is straight and you can notice the difference in both her feet.

Just wanted to share.
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