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Did u go to the toy sale? Lock Rss

Just wondering how others went at the kmart to sale today?!? I was pushed, shoved, ramed and run over with a trolly!!! And being 6 months pregnant nobody even cared or appologised!!! Honestley people just turn into monsters at these sales! It really bothers me too, as I still go out of my way to be nice and curtious to people, and once you leave these sales you are left thinking WHY should I be so nice!!!????? But I got eveything I wanted so i was happy about that! How did everyone else go???

Mel,QLD, 3yr old Nikita, no. 2 due october

yes i just got home,
but as i live in country town has pros and cons.....there was no lines or pushing and shoving, but the only thing i really wanted, new kick and play piano, they didnt have! so will go back in couple days they might get it in.

He he he... I went but got smart and left my DD with my Aunty! The layby queue was wrapping around the entire store - I am NOT joking. I found the 'older' grandma ish people to be the worst for bumbing and pushing!

I managed to miss out on the 'one' item I really wanted which was the laugh and learn puppy but I did get 2 x kick pianos (last 2 left and they were not in the toy section (I think someone hid them)), 2 x peek-a-boo blocks, peek-a-boo train, Learning Home and a 'cheapy' ride on car.

Not sure why I bothered though as I am sure Mia and her cousin Alyssa will be more interested in the boxes at Xmas!

yes i went to the toy sale on thursday at 7.30am there were a little bit of people there were one girl that had two trolleys and it was only for her daughter that was not one yet and she was young it was all the prinesses things in the cat i could not belive she had that much.


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