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Christmas Gift Guide Lock Rss

hi guys thought we could ask around about suggestions for chrissy gift. i know its early but i never have a clue what to get some kiddies..

for eg- my 12 year old bro has EVERYTHING!! and 2 older brothers also and they have the best of the best toys. i find it hard to buy him anything as he is so spoilt and im stuck for ideas, i dont want to spend too much either as i have over 12 kids to buy for..

it is his birthday on 2nd of august too... help

24 year old mum to 2 beautiful girls

Hi Rebecca !!!
I have a 12 year old and i know what you mean about being spoilt !!! i guess it is my fault !!!!
Well at the moment my son loves to play with Magnetix !!! I'm not sure if your brother has one of those yet but even if he does you can never have to many he can build bigger things if he has more !!! i think the cheepest box is around $12 but for $30 you can get a nice size !!! Kmart has 20% off offer too at the moment !!! this is the cheepest toy i could find for a teenager or dvds if he likes them !!! hope i helped a bit !!!!
bye !!!
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