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Hi everyone

I am the mother of a two year old son and recently found out I was pregnant again (Yay). I went for my 12 week scan on 22nd june and found out that my baby had been dead for 4 weeks but i had not miscarried and had no idea. This was extremely devastating for both myself and partner. I had to undergo a D & C to remove my little angel.

I have found this a very hard time to go through and was wondering if there was anyone out there who has gone through this same experience.

It is very hard to find information on this as everything I read about or am told about is to do with miscarriages, but I did not actually miscarry.

Thanks guys

Jess 22

Jess,WA, Baby Hayden

well i am very sorry to hear of your loss. the same thing happened to me(similar anyway)

i was preg and didnt know how many wks , so the doc sent me for a dating scan, cut a long story short, the results of the scan showed an incomplete miscarrage,and they told me i needed a d&c, i couldnt accept this answer as sometimes they get it wrong. i was very upset, and 3wks later i got bad period pain , and i went to hospital-as it was the middle of the night-and the next day i had a d&c, looking back now i know it was for the best as there wasnt a heartbeat when i had the scan nor could they see the baby developing past 6wks and i was about 8-10wks preg by my calculations.

most miscarrages result in D&C to clean out the womb to stop any forms of infection happening

may i suggest if you are having a really hard time coping, then talk to your GP and seek councilling, it can help alot.

sorry for your loss . (F) .

DD 13/11/03 -DD 11.11.05 - DS 17.4.08

Oh I am so sorry! The exact same thing happened to me...and it was my second pregnancy too and my DS was about the same age as well....everything you have said is what happened to me!

If you want to chat email me at [email protected] as I would love to chat as I haven't found anyone who has been through the same thing and would love to talk!

Best wishes sweetie and my thoughts are with you during this sad and emotionally hard time.

Mum(29) - DS 7yr, DD 4yr & DD 2yr

Hi Jess,

So sorry to hear of your loss. I know what you are going through. It was Christmas Eve 2002, I was 13 weeks pregnant and had only just told everyone that we were expecting our first baby. I was feeling rather sick and while celebrating Christmas with my husbands family I had a little bleed. The next day I really felt awful. Had a little more bleeding but stopped around midday. Two days later I was really feeling ill and had a little more bleeding so decided to go to the hospital. They sent me for an ultrasound. The baby wasn't the size that it should have been and they couldn't find a heartbeat. My Ob decided that it was best if they did a D&C straight away rather than waiting for my body to miscarry as it could have taken awhile. So that night they took my little one and I spent the night in the maternity ward listening to all the newborn babies crying. They sent our baby away for testing and it showed that there was a chromosomal abnormality, so it was for the best in the long run. I was however fortunate enough to get a copy of the ultrasound pictures.

In time the pain eases and talking actually helps. I tried to put on a brave face only to fall flat on it after about 2-3 months. Having a good cry and allowing yourself to mourn your loss also helps.

Keep your chin up sweety.

Trudie xx

Robert (31 Jan 04) & Jeremy (7 Dec 05 @30 weeks)

Well its the hardest thing to get over I still mourn my little one that I lost in february 2001 I had a septic pregnancy so I was pumped with anti-botics all night & cried all night thank God I wasn't put in the maternity ward but I have got to other children after that {boys} so u do get over it but u r always reminded of that little angel u lost I have got a little decoration that I put on the tree every christmas & I have a teddy that I look at to remind me of it so yeah it is hard but we learn to cope with it!

Nicole, Qld, 18yr, 7yr, 4yrs

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