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KIA Carnival reviews please?? Lock Rss

Ok, after months and months of saying "NO MORE KIDS!" my DH and I have decided that we do want more. (eep!) We currently have a Magna, which might be a bit squishy with 3 car seats in the back (not sure at this stage, will have to check). Anyway, I have found a 2000 KIA carnival for sale through a private seller for $11000. Is this cheap? Can someone give me a review for it?? Can anyone recommend a car that can fit 3 car seats in (that has decent bootspace also?)
Thanks in advance
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I don't know if it's cheap but if you go onto the redbook site it will tell you. then go to the private users (enter).To the side of next screen says used car values. Then you can choose the exact car and it will tell you both trade in and private sale price.... I hope this helps.


I drive a Commodore and there is so much space to fit car seats we had 2 in there easy the other day and the boot space you could fit 2 prams in easy and have space left over.
Hi there,
We just bought a new van (Delica) 2 months ago, and in making our choice did heaps of research on the net. Almost everything I read was bad news for Kia Carnival ( a lot of people who owned them and were not happy)....have you tried google, cos thats all we did. Apparently they have a lot of engine probs, as in having to be replaced. A caryard guy tried to sell us one, we said no way, and he said 'oh you've heard about those have you?'. DEFINETLY do some research first.

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Yep, I would try checking out :
you will be able to find what vehicle is worth for age. Terrific site.

by the way, our neighbours recently purchased a secondhand Kia and they LURRRRRRRRRRVE it. They are really impressed by it. Can't remember what they paid for it but my suggestion to you would be to make an offer based on what you think it is worth after checking out the redbook prices!
Also, get a mechanic to check it out if it has not had a recent NRMA inspection. This cost can vary but well worth it. I'd also be checking the KLM's rather than the year it was released as you can have a later model car that has heaps of K's (which I wouldn't touch with a ten foot pole) or an earlier model with very few K's. Work out how many K's it's done per year it is old.

Good Luck!!

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We did a test drive of a 2005 model and it was a horrible car to drive. No power, uncomfotable seats, roof racks make a constant annoying sound.
We never gave the car a second thought after the test drive...we initially thought it was going to be a great car for us with twins..but nup!!!

You can buy a brand new one for $32K, I cannot belive that one that is 7 years old would still be worth that much!!


we have a 99 model camry which fits 3 car seats+ its boot is huge

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

DH and I have just gone and investigated our current car (which I do really like) and we reckon we could fit in 3 car seats, but it would be a real squeeze.

were the car seats all squished up?? My main concern now is not being able to do up booster seats because the car seats are packed in so close together, did you have that problem? Our magna is pretty roomy (not as big as a commodore, falcon, etc) so I'm assuming our car might be around the same size as yours.

Thanks for all the replies.


I havent heard anything about the Kia carnival so can't help you out there. However I have a 2003 hyundai santa fe and can fit three car seats in the backseat. It also has lots of boot space aswell and is a really nice car to drive. My partner has a commodore wagon and once again we can fit three carseats in that car aswell.
I hope I have helped a little and hope everything goes well for you, I think three kids is a good number to have.

I have only heard negative about Kia carnivals. My sil's boyfriend had one and only had problems from the moment he drove it brand new out of the car yard. We have a BA Falcon, which fits the 3 car seats fine plus has a nice big boot that fits a pram and shopping
Ok... let me just get comfy... you get comfy too... We had a 2000 model Kia Carnival... we bought it in 2001 so it was still under warranty THANK GOD! We only had it for nine months and this is why... in the nine months that we had it we had to have the starter motor replaced TWICE, the indicator lever was faulty, the air conditioning was faulty in the rear and they couldn't fix it, the power steering hose blew and had to be replaced TWICE and the drumroll was having to have the engine replaced... we were without our car for close to three months while the engine was being replaced... there was a backlog because so many kia carnivals were in with the same problem. When i collected my car I asked them what was to say I was not going to have to have the engine replaced again they said that the problem had been rectified and would not occur with the new engine (i will add now that after we got rid of the kia through our car broker we got a phone call a couple of months later asking which service centre had replaced the engine because the engine had busted again and needed to be replaced AGAIN... wasn't our problem then)... so by now you're sure i must have just had a lemon? My grandparents bought exactly the same model and had exactly the same problems but they had an extra problem of the the back seats actually 'sinking' down into the floor! We bought our carnival before anyone knew of the problems and lost a LOT of money reselling it not to mention having a hard time reselling it because the car yards had so many that they couldn't get rid of because no one wanted them. Oh and I forgot to mention it had a problem with the brakes that they couldn't figure out how to fix (I am told this is a problem with the kia rio as well). We now have a Toyota Tarago, lot more expensive but so worth it if you can afford it... as for the magna, you can fit three car seats in the back my best friend and my sister both have a magna and both have three carseats in the back, my friend has a station wagon and when they had their forth child got an extra seat put in the 'boot' for $1500.
In short, you get what you pay for with the Kia Carnival, they are cheap brand new for a very good reason... just think about how you will do without the kia if it breaks down like mine always did... i was forever getting towed and the brake problem was just dangerous!

Jade, QLD, DS Sept 04, #2 due 06/08/07

DH is a mechanic by trade...he says stay away from KIA's... a lot of problems....
Oh and btw - we have a car for pm me for is a 2002 JEEP
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