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new home for the pets - what do you think? Lock Rss

Hey everyone - I would like your points of view. DH and I have 2 medium sized dogs. We are moving to a new house in the next 12months (building) and we are not going to have as much room out the back as we do now. Since having our DS 12 months ago, we don't have as much time to spend with them as we used to. We still play with them everyday, and DS and I usually have our lunch outside with the dogs, but we can't walk them as much as we used to.

DH thinks we should find new homes for the dogs, but they are quite attached to each other, and would need to go to the same home.

As we have had one dog for 5 years, and the other for 3 I think it is cruel to get rid of them as they are attached to us as we are to them. I do understand where DH is coming from but I think we should make more of an effort to spend time with them before we resort to finding them a new home.

What do you think?
I wqould find it hard to get rid of them too, and the only thing i can suggest is that maybe you get up half an hour earlier every second day or so and take them for a walk, try to make it part of your daily routine, you will find once your ds reaches 2 and 3 he will have a alot of energy for the dogs too, so maybe just wait and see how it goes?

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Not sure if its an option financially, but perhaps you could pay someone to walk them a few tiomes a week a the new house if you aren't able to?
That way you could still keep them, and they would be getting the exercise/entertainment they need.
Hi SP & Zoe

I have thought of both those options, and I would really love to get up that half hour earlier and I think I will make an effort to do that. It's so cold in the mornings - I hate this weather but if I do it while DH is still home I won't have to take DS out. I have been thinking about paying someone to walk them. DH and I have talked about walking them together when he gets home from work (around 5.30) and then giving DS his dinner and he will still be in bed by 7ish.

Thanks for your suggestions!
I went through the eact same thoughts a while ago as well. I think also it will get easier when your bubby is a bit older. bennett is our dogs main souce of entertainment now they are BEST Friends all 3 of them. they dance and play chasings and have big cuddles.
Its good you have 2 dogs as they will help entertain each other!!

Steph VIC Mummy to one gorgeous boy

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