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Change Of Last Name Lock Rss

Hi i was just wornding if anyone has changed there childs last name and how'd you go about doing it.

Thanks Michelle

Hi, is a fairly simple process, you can print out the appropriate forms off the net from the births deaths and marriages registry I think there should be a link to it on your states government site.
There are fees involved and you need to have some documents witnessed by a justice of the peace.

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Everything the above post says- plus- you need both biological parents signatures and relevant witnessed documents(if they both appear on birth certificate)- not a prob if you are with your childs Dad but if not you need this paperwork -otherwise you cannot change their name.

If the biological father is not on the birth certificate- he doesn't get a say. You can change your bubs surname with just your approval.
Hi Supermummy,

I can tell you from experience- if biological father is on the birth certificate- you need his permission to change name. I know as I wanted to change DD #1's name but father had to be involved as he is on the birth certificate. He has had nothing to do with her since 1 year old but continues to have a say in wht she can do. He still has HUGE legal rights in regard to name, passport etc. He did not send back relevant info when asked so DD #1 still has his surname (which sucks and she hates it). Through common usage though she is enrolled at school under my maiden name. I cannot change her name without his consent- she can after age 16 if she wants too.

Hope this answers your question.

Thanks for all the replys i really dont think ex will sign it ive just printed it off the net and im going to send it to him, im 22 weeks preggies with his aswell and he'll have no say at all this time so bub will have my last name, but id love to changed ds name too. So they both have mine.

You might be able to add your last name so your DS would have both names... ring your local births deaths and marriages office and ask... can't hurt, my sis in law uses her last name as her daughters last name but anything 'legal' like daycare registration has the fathers name on it... if you do get permission from father it is really easy to change, DS can change his last name without his fathers permission once he turns 18... my hubby changed his last name when we got married... he took my name instead of other way around, his father wasn't happy...

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