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Werribee Mansion. Lock Rss

Just wondering if anyone has ever stayed there? Greg and I have just booked in for a night in december for my sister's wedding. Really looking forward to it!!
ive never stayed there, but i've heard a few freaky stories about a part of it being haunted!
OMG!! We are staying in the old bit too!! My hubby will be with me, so I will be ok. Will try and get some freaky ghost pics!!
Just don't infect my putie with those pics Kate!!! haha (you know I'm kidding, just got rid of the cemetary angel.

1 monkey, 1 diva = the love of my life

lmao Naomi, it is that sister's wedding too!! hehehe. I miss you lovely!!
I've always wanted to go there, my sis has been and loved it. It was the setting of a movie I loved when I was little called The Pirate Movie and I've always wanted to go, you've given me an idea for me and DH to get away, its only 3 hrs away I think
Have Fun!
Will do Jess, will let you knowin December how it went, I hope they have good air conditioning and for the price we paid they should let us take the aircon home with us!! hehehe

so you have heard about it?? wow that would be cool lol i love the rush u get from being scared outta ur witts with ghost like things

*Loving It* nope, have not heard about it being haunted!! Will do a google search and see what I can find!!
hehee its great the stories i have heard!! b4 i was pregga's me and a few mates went to this old whats the word for it? (scuse my ignorance) mental isilom? (sp) and it was totally freaky! i'd go on about what happened but i know sum pl dont like this talk!
nah, tell me!! Was it in Arraratt (sp)?? I know there is an old asylum there.
nope it wasnt there (never heard of it) WELL we drove up to there and the car broke down wouldnt start for 5mins then broke down again, so we parked a good 30meters away and walked, this is a nice night no wind watsoever- there was doors banging and very low screams (i am NOT KIDDING) after the screams we ran lol jumped in our car and it wouldnt start after 15mins we decided we were brave again and went back there it was quite so i got dared to walk up to the door so i did nothing happend 2 secs later the banging started and a light came on again we ran back to the car locked the doors and it still wouldnt start for antuha 15mins- since that night we never went back too freaky but we went other places and done other silly stuff lol any1 else with stories please share!
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