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Swiiings Lock Rss

i dont have a swing...but im getting a walker wen i find a decent one! how old is ur lil man?

There is actually one in the current Myer Toy sale catalogue.
Its a Fisher Price Lift & Lock swing. Was $49.95 now $29.95.

Its a new model as ours was about $50 a yr ago and just had a T bar to lock down in between their legs but this one has a small tray instead.

Our little guy never liked being in it for long and now prefers it sitting on the floor so he can clip the buckles together and then we have to undo it so he can clip them again and again and again!!!!

Have heard that they work and entertain many bubs though, you just never know.

Hi, I've got a Fisher Price Linkadoos Magical Mobiles Swing. It has about 5-6 different speeds of swing and some songs that play with different volumes. It has a couple of levels of adjustment for the back of the seat. I got it pretty much for the same reason as you. I loved it and Bella loved it. I had to pack it away when Bella was about 6 months as she got too big. She'd sit in it and lean forward and the seat would swing back and she'd pull so hard on the mobile that I was worried she'd break it. I can't remember how much it was. Maybe about $100 give or take. It didn't last too long though. I didn't have it when Bella was newborn so it only lasted a few months.

It worked though. She'd stare at the part where the music came out and would fall asleep not long after i'd put her in it some days. I got mine from K-Mart. I like the look of the ones that swing side to side as well. Happy shopping!!

my ds dint have one but we got one with dd and I say its the best thing!!! She absolutely loved it! We have the fisher price flutterbye dreams swingit has lights and plays soothing music. She used to always doze off in there which was a great help whenshe just wanted to be held and I had dishes etc to do.She was about 2months when we got it for her and she enjoyed it right up to 9months or so. We got ours when it was the latest one out off ebay brand new in box for $140 and they were retailing for about $250 so definately check out ebay if you want to buy one.

the lift and lock swing is a little different. its just a plasic swing that you hang so it doesnt automatically swing on its own which i think is what you are after

hi, I'd check out baby hire if I were you, we have one that we hired and it was an absolute lifesaver in the first couple of months, I found it really settling for our ds and it was great because it kept ds2 up away from ds1. we paid 60 for 3 months hire and a deposit can't remember how much now around $50 I think and then we rehired it for another 3 months. Are you on the gold coast as I could give you the phone number but I think there are baby hire places in each state, I got the brochure in the bounty bag from the hospital.

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Yep hiring is the way to go! you should check it out am just trying to think if they have a website maybe try googling it? think it would be difficult to damage one they are quite big and sturdy and our first son has leant on it and climbed over it without any damage lol....
Only thing is try and make sure that your bub doesn't get dependent on it to go to sleep, ours has to go back next week and ds is getting a little big for it now anyway but I have been weaning him off it for the past couple of weeks so that we won't have to go cold turkey! 'cause in the begininning I would just put him in it to sleep all the time as he would get really unsettled and it was the only thing that would calm him down, think he actually spent the night in it a couple of times whilst dp slept on the couch! lol

mum to two gorgeous guys

I have Sesame Beginnings swing from Target. On special paid about $70, don't know what the full price is. DS is nearly too big for it now, but it's been fantastic. Some swings we looked at were too fast for a newborn - we tried him in a friends and it freaked him out - but ours was great. Has a removable tray with a clip-on musical toy and can be locked into a fixed position. I used it as a highchair until DS was comfortable in his real one; still do some days if he's tired.
Yep I think so, I think they have like franchise type things set up in different states? they have heaps of stuff also a great idea if your going on holiday somewhere and only need something for a short amount of time. Glad to be of service!

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We have just your normal fisher price swing, cost about $150... my son, didn't mind it, prefered his 'Ocean Wonders' bouncer also by fisher price, he loved looking at the little fishes and the bubbles... my local toy hire place hires them out, i would recommended that before you decide to buy one, my neice hated her swing with a passion!

Jade, QLD, DS Sept 04, #2 due 06/08/07

Hey thats excellent, talk about fast service!
am sure that you will get plenty of use out of it, we certainly did, only went through quite a few batteries!!
let me know how your bub goes with it. BTW I first saw one at the hospital too, although am sure they had theirs on top speed, as I thought my poor little guy was gonna fly straight out not that he seemed to mind but with the one we hired I only ever had it on the slowest setting.
Night night.

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