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Oh, how times have changed.... Lock Rss

Well yesterday it was very quiet on here so i was looking at some really old threads, like way back in page 200+.

and my how things have changed....

threads used to only get 2 or 3 replys or if you were really lucky they might get 10!!!

there was only 5-10 threads started a day, so there was more than one day to a page!

i just was surprised how much it has changed since then
Yep, I remember that... that was in the good old days, and you could start a contro thread and have a DECENT convo about things without any backstabbing, backfiring, & nasty whackjob comments. All we had to deal with were a few ppl with weird parenting styles... how times have changed.

Teapot I swear I just said that to you today. LMAO.
CC always got a good debate but there was rarely name calling like there is today.
Ah for the good old days.

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And now I just read my PM and that cracked me up Chukkas, how funny... truly, I was ignoring the PM thinking it was just another one from someone giving me their forum address... sorry!!
why do you girls think its changed so much?

i wasn't on here way back in those good old days though so forgive me as i could be wrong but from what i can gather there's still quite a few of the same people on here, yet its seems just so different.
I think after all the nutjob/fruitcake/trolls/whackjobs who have been here no-one trusts each other like the good old days.
There are also a lot of people who offend then hide behind well its my opinion and I'm allowed to have one. I agree you are allowed an opinion BUT diplomacy goes a long way.

After the mjc episode many of the originals stopped coming here.
I found out last year from Laurainne that another group I belong to is made up of mostly original HPE members. Whilst most of these people still have young kids they don't find it as necessary to come here daily like they used to.
I also think the kind of people who are members has changed. Not saying that is a bad thing but it means that the topics raised will have changed with that.
I hope this all makes sense.
I used to love this site and always talk of it, but now I mainly come here for the comps.

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I was just finishing off a reply about this... and DS decided to stick a dvd in the driver, and I lost the lot...

I was saying that there weren't many members in the beginning, and as the list grew, we all seemed to get to know each other (not always agreeing mind you!!), and as the member base continues to grow, more weirdo's and antagonistic a***holes join the mix (along with some 'normal' members) and make things slightly strange, and new member names pop up that are straight into the stirring.

As a new member, it used to be that you'd kind of test the water before you jumped straight in... like you'd introduce yourself even if you didn't mention your name, and you'd talk about your kids a bit rather than whacko straight into an argumentive bullshit thread!

Also, the topics seem to go round & round, and speaking as an oldie, I've seen it all before IYKWIM. For instance, how many times can I be involved in a topic that pops up every few weeks/months. Honestly, it doesn't interest me.

We did have a real vicious nutcase last year who put a lot of people off and got people being that damned unsure of what was going to be posted, so that's also probably a reason that people get their backs up.
most forums have their ups and downs

guess i know what you mean. i've only been on here for a few months and theres already thread that i just think 'again', but then i've probably done it myself too.
LOL K&A, as I saw your name pop up I thought... here's someone who'll agree with Chuk & I!!

and yes, if you want to know the site!!
i totally agree with you girls, it must be really annoying to be saying the same things over and over.

but unless your on here all the time it would be really hard to keep up, and i guess the newbies just want to know something, its kinda hard to scroll back through to see if its already been asked.

but i also know where your coming from.
maybe there needs to be a beter archive type thing on here

I thinkwe need to have permanent 'sticky' threads about cleaning/stain removal, nits, what happens if your baby eats poo, circ, dummys etc, they are just sooooo overdone!! Oh and maybe just ONE venting thread where everyong goes to whinge about parent's parking, MILS, shopping trolleys and useless hubbys. Though I know that Kazi LOVES the venting posts!! wink

That's my rant!!
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