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Oh, how times have changed.... Lock Rss

oh i know that but maybe thats what needs to be better.

i've used the search thing and rather than bring up just the thread it bring up every individual post
I wasn't yelling at you Carmen!! hehe Just at the frustration of seeing things time and time again, even in the time that you have been here, I am sure that you have come across it too!!
[Edited on 26/06/2007]
When I was a young poster, i had to type through five miles of snow with holes in my gloves just to get to a thread.

He he he !

Posted by: Mez V
When I was a young poster, i had to type through five miles of snow with holes in my gloves just to get to a thread.

He he he !

oh for sure, kate the same thread within 2 days!!!

i would be easier for us (well me at least) cos i'm on here at least once a day so i keep up with whats going on, well at least since i've been on here anyway.
And those ticker threads!! About 20 in a week!!
damn ticker thread!!! AND i still dont have one! maybe i should start another thread and have it explained to me again!!!! just kidding! i dont even want one!

gotta go bath DD, i shall return later
LOL ladies. It took me til page 2 or 3 of the general to find this thread.
I used to love clicking on the bit that took me to my last active threads and the threads I was watching.
Saved me so much time.

I loved the fact that you could trust people straight away. There was no ganging up on people with different views. I have had some fiery convos with some members then become msn buddies with them. Because i respected their different views and they respected that I had one.
I think a heck of a lot of the respect has gone. And those that I loved to banter with have all changed their names since that fruity loop last year. Me I'll always be a chukka, I am everywhere.
I don't eneter into the debates now that I know are going to cause trouble, like CC, dummies, circumcision, breast feeding.
Does anyone else think that if someone words something wrongly others automatially take it as a personal attack. Its' almost like they sit there just waiting to turn a normal thread nasty.
I can remember when the mods had an easy time too, deleted posts/threads were almost unheard of. Now they are the norm and people get their backs up over them. I feel like saying you asked for it, but then that'd be another debate and get the thread deleted.

Oh and don't get me started over the nwbies with their babies picture in their signature.
I even posted on their how to thread about what happened last year and to be careful etc. I was ignored, I feel like an elder who should be respected not ignore wink LMAO!

member since 2004

I've just seen that it's said I am only a member since April this year. That isn't true I've been a member since 2004. Might have to find the exact date in an old thread and post it in my signature.

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ok, i have another question for you. i was going to find this thread and ask this earlier but didn't have an example, but you just gave me one. why is it that alot of the oldies have a registration date of 12.04.07? is that when the site changed over?
Carmen I'm pretty sure it is.
I just went back and found a post from 2006/2005 and it said member since 2007 still.

I did have problems though when they first changed over as I was a non existent user fro a while, until Lauraine fixed it for me.

A lot of the old old originals haven't come back since the change after all the stuff last year. Plus they think there's too much b!tchiness here. Which unfortunately there is.

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Tell me your favourite Elder. I know a fair few of them and they might be persuaded to come back.

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