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How's this for bad luck Lock Rss

We have 2 houses on our property. 1 we live in and the other I run as a B&B/self-contained apartment. Yesterday both hot water systems broke down. Can you believe it 2 at once. I managed to get both of them replaced today but because they are on off peak power they won't start heating until 11pm. So I have 3 kids and no hot water (although I'm grateful I've got no-one booked in next door. You can't really charge $149 a night if they can't have a shower). Just to make it worse DD just did a poo in her pants and get it all over herself so I have spent the last 1/2 hour boiling kettles and pots so that she can have a warn bath (first time she's done that in months).

To top it off DH has been in hospital since Sunday and depending on how things go probably won't be out until at least Friday.

And it won't stop raining!!!!!

oh you poor thing!I know hw you feel! when we fist moved in (after months of renovations) our hotwater wasnt working for 3 days but I guess Im licky enough to have my parents house around the corner so all 4 of us used to go over there everyday to have our showers.Hope your dd has no more accidents before it reheats!

that's a bummer!
Unfortunately for us our closet parents are 1500km away. A bit too far to go for a shower.

What a bummer. You poor bugger.
For the record we love staying in self contained houses like you have when we go away. So much easier with kids than a motel or caravan cabin.

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Must be the time of year... our hotwater system busted and flooded our downstairs area about a month ago... by the time we got the plumber out and had to order another hotwater system and wait for it to be delivered and installed... only to find it was faulty and have to wait some more we were without hotwater for 2.5 weeks... with the drought and water restrictions here in brissy it was a big ask to have showers at mums house... on the upside... the insurance replaced our carpet which we were only talking about replacing a week before but couldn't afford it... now have new carpet all through downstairs for our excess of $150... bargain!

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I never thought about insurance. Ours are in the laundry and flooded that but it's only concrete so I think it would be a bit rude to put in a claim.

We just got back from visiting DH in hospital. Spent 2 hours there with the 3 kids and I tell you I am on the very verge of loosing it. It's 7pm now surely that's not too early to put them all to bed???

What rotten luck!! Put them to bed, you could do with a break. Its shocking taking kids to hospital, I know all about that!
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