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Depression/Anxiety Have u or do u suffer from these? Lock Rss

Hi ladies,
Was just wondering if anyone suffers from Depression or Anxiety or has suffered? I have suffered anxiety for years and depression on and off and would love to chat to others about their stratigies or ideas to get past these feelings or symptoms.

Thanks, Hayley XO

Hi Hayley, i have suffered PND, and suffered depression before and during pregnancy.

If you wanna chat about it or just want an outlet, my msn is

[email protected]

thanks mate i'll add u!

Ive been on meds for anxiety for about 5 years. I can't stress enough how vital a good pyschiatrist is if you are taking meds, IMHO they just don't cut it on their own.

I just learn to deal with thing rationally as it seems to be the fear or being anxious or the fear of a panic attack that brings them on. LOL

Steph VIC Mummy to one gorgeous boy

I have clinical depression and anxiety. Have been on medication for around 10 years now. In conjunction with medication you really need to TALK about your issues. Talk and talk till you can talk no more!! hehe

Good luck with it all. It can get bloody hard, I hope that you have a lot of support around you. Best of luck. smile]
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Thanks to everyone who had replyed. I am all for talking about it as i think there are so many people out there who don;t have anyone to talk to. I have been on meds since day dot. Was only Zoloft for most of the time but i think i became immune to it as it just done nothing for me in the end. I am now on Lexapro and whilst i noticed a huge change when i first started taking it, now a few months later it I seem to be back to my anxious self again...

I also do see a pschologist/pschiatrist(sp) who has been fantastic. She diagnosed me with post traumatic stress. But i haven't seen her for a couple of months so i must get back to see her.

Anyway thanks again for everyones responses, its nice to known i'm not alone.

Love Hayley XO

i havent suffered from depression or anxiety but have suffered anorexia and i agree with the other posts you need to get out and find a great support group with people that are going through and people that have been through what you are so that you can work through this with together, it helps so much to know your not alone.

I have been suffering anxiety for the past 12 years, on and off or I should say, under control or not.

I see a naturopath as I didnt want to go on anti-depresants. She is fantastic and when I feel an anxiety attack building (usually from stressing about stuff) I take drops for a few days until it is under control. I dont know where you live, but she is in Blaxland NSW and I would highly, highly recommend her. If you want more details, just let me know.

I also did body balance/pilates/yoga to unwind. It was fantastic especially when I was pregnant (I did it up to 34 weeks).

And again, as previously mentioned, talk about it. I needed a few councelling sessions as one bout of anxiety was caused by a close family member dying thus bringing up my own anxieties about death.

And the best thing to know, is your not alone. Many of us go through this from time to time.

yep i did suffer depression in 2000 and seen a really good psychiatrist (SP?) and changed jobs, got rid of my ex and now am really happy and sorted out other probs as well and havent looked back!!!

there is a light at the end of the tunnel but that tunnel may be longer for others than mine

i was called ballo!

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