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Scared but Excited Lock Rss

Hey Girls,

Im due on friday to have my first child a little boy. I went to docs today and he has booked me in either next tuesday or wednesday to be induced just incase i dont go into labour before then. Im scared because i have heard that getting induced is a lot more painful then going naturally is this right?

A few weeks ago i also asked doc for ruff size of baby and he said he should be a average baby 7 or 8 ponuds today when he was pressing on my tummy he said that i had a very good size baby in there im guessing he ment big.. i dont wants to tear when giving birth is there anything i can do before hand that might make me not tear?

Im so excited about meting me little man but i just hope i dont get induced and hes not too big..

Sorry just had to get it off my cheast.


Im excited for you!! Dont worry about getting induced or tearing, cross that bridge when you get to it, if you get to it. You never know what labour you will get. But it so natural to feel overwhelmed about what is about to happen, enjoy it, it will bring you a wonderful little boy. All the best
I was so horrified at the thought of being induced with my first son,i had this preconcieved thought of dreamily turning to my hubby in the middle of the night and saying... 'honey, its time...' haha! Getting induced wasn't bad at all as i thought it would be, and i feel my labour and birth went very smoothly... i had a 10 poound 3 ounces baby!!! I didn't tear, i only 'grazed'... i am almost 8 mnths pregnant with boy #2, and would so rather be induced again, at least then you know when its going to happen and you're already where you need to be... relax....

Jade, QLD, DS Sept 04, #2 due 06/08/07

Wow that's early to be induced, I was always made to wait a week!! I had to have my waters broken both times, that was a wierd feeling, not really painfull, but I was already in alot of pain so I guesss I probably didn't notice. Either way, childbirth hurts!! LOL!!
I had an epidural and that was a godsend, if you don't mind having painkillers take that one - it's the best thing!! I honestly did not feel one thing after I got the epidural, I didn't feel the birth, contractions, tearing or stitches!!! I think I got the easy way out. Mind you I felt it all with my 2nd!! OUCH!!!
Either way, you will forget it all as soon as you hold your beautifull little boy for the first time and suddenly it is all worth it.
Congratulations and good luck smile]

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It is very exciting when your little ones are about to come into the world. I have 2 children and before both births I was feeling the same. Don't worry too much just make sure you have a birth plan that you and your partner have discussed ready and my best advice is enjoy every minute. You will forget everything about the birth once you have your littl bundle in your arms.
All the best
Hi i was induced with my DS and would opt for it again it was all over in 2 and a bit hours, although i believe the contractions are the same it's just you dont get the warm up ones IYKWIM it just hits you, But as i said i would do it this way again. I only had the drip no gels inserted so maybe the gels is the bit that hurts? Good luck dont worry, you will forget the pain i am going back for seconds so it cant be that bad!!!Enjoy holding your little boy!


Congratulations! I remember that time, waiting to meet my little bubby. It was so exciting!
Don't worry about being induced. I was and I was cut. There was no way my DS head was coming out of there without a bit of help. I had some stiches which fell out within a week.
If your worried about pain, then don't. There are plenty of pain killers available.
Good luck.

Mummy of one

I had two natural deliveries and one induction and the other was a c-section so i've have the whole menu of deliveries!

You will cope with whatever way your baby's birth will go. Don't have any expectations of what it is going to be like (Iknow that is hard to hear) accept that for a while, your body will not be your own, although you are a major player in the birthing process. Birth is a very unique experience for each and every mother, I am sure you will be fine and if you feel you want pain relief, have it. If you feel like you are breezing through and don't want pain relief then that's fine too. Most of all if you have a great support person, that is the best.
Best of luck Bec, i've been wondering how you've been going since your last post! I hope Friday is your day. I had my first baby on a Friday!
Oh mate .I cryed when I read your post ...i remember how your feeling and so does everybody else ..I am so excited for you !!!

as for the induced bit ...can be good and it can bad ..just like any other senerio that you can imagine going to take place ....It is so exciting meeting your bub for the first time and I am so jelous .....I was induced and i had a long labour but I also had a really big bub 4350g and he was really long .......You will be fine eiter way ....none of it is fun but it is so worth the wait ..

I was told wheat germ oil rubbed on the appropriate area to prevent tearing ...very few people tear these days ayway ...midwives prefer to cut as it heals much quicker adn easily

Congratulations to all the new mummies out there ....keep safe

Good luck and I hope all goes well for you. Dont worry you will be fine - women are uilt for this. If you go in thinking there will be issues you will worry about it and find labour harder - relax and think about what comes out at the end! FANTASTIC when you are handed your slippery baby.

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thanks girls for your opinions its great to hear that im not the only one that thinks like this. i know deep down i will be alright i think just coz its getting so close now im getting more enxious by the day to meet my little one.

thanks again


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