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How long have you been a Huggies Member? Lock Rss

Hi Girls,
I just realised after posting a message, that a year ago today is when I joined Huggies!!!
I found this site so addictive while pregnant and would gossip on here for hours, while waiting for my bubba to arrive.
Even now, I jump on here to see how everyone is and take a peek at the latest goss.

How long have YOU been a Huggies member for and what great advice have you learnt from other mums here?

Since December 2004. And it's there on my details. I used to be taluma, but needed a change of name as my username had been plastered all over a nasty site especially made by our lovely departed friend.
I just noticed on my detail it says I became a member in July....but I know it was June?????

What the....
Who has been mucking around with our details?

member since January 2006. I used to be 'soon 2b 1st time mum'
then changed email address and I was momm. Now I'm possums.
I have been a member from the old site since 2005 but since the new one swapped over and I had changed my email I had to start again sad
Possums, I didnt realise you were momm!!
Feb 06 for me smile]
Memeber since August 2005 smile]

May 2006 for me
That's a shame you girls had to change your usernames.
Are your details correct in the corner righthand side.

Why have some members lost their member date statis?

Since April 07, I joined after a M/C and got some great support and advice from some of the ladies here.
Hi, member of the forums or member of huggies?
I joined Huggies site not long after I found out I was pregnant (late 05) - used to read the forums, just never got around to joining, then I just couldn't, so only been on forums for a few months now.
Cheers, Kerin

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