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Baby Panadol Rss

The other night my DS wouldn't sleep and at the time l was doing controlled crying and talking to a friend on MSN who also has a baby who is 4 months old. When Lucas had been crying for a considerable time my friend said to give him baby panadol (she said she gives it to her son not every night but mostly), l replied in saying that l don't really like giving him that unless l really have too. I ended up giving it to him when he had been crying for 2 hrs and l had tried everything else ie, changing nappie, feeding etc... After the panadol he ended sleeping for a couple of hours!

Last night l visited my friend and before bed she gave her son 'Infants Friend' before his bottle, and when he had finished his bottle she gave him pandol. I asked why she was giving it, as he wasn't distressed, teething etc... She just said it helps with wind and sleeping.

Now l don't like to judge how other people parent, but l always saw panadol as a drug and only to be used when you really needed too. She feels as though it helps him sleep!

My DS wakes every 4-6 hours during the night for a feed and l have just got use to that. Whereas her DS sleeps through the night.

My question is, do alot of other people give their children panadol on a nightly basis?
When I know my son is teething I give him Nurofen before bed. He isn't always whinging at the time of giving it to him, but I know that pain always gets worse at night. So to help him get a good nights sleep (and me) I give it to him. I think that just giving it for the h3ll of it is a bit much though.

If you use these drugs on a regular basis, when the bub really is in pain it will take alot more of it to ease his pain because he is basically immuned to it. Really not a very good idea.

Occassionaly I would give my bubbies Pain Stop, which has a sedative, as well as pain relief. They would have to be very unsettled to do this, and it was usually at 2 or 3 in the morning, when all other avenues were exhausted. I think there is nothing wrong with it. A good night sleep helps you and the baby.

im with you mumto3boys i dont give panadol unless i need to as it is a drug and i dont want give my dd it every day, but i to have a friend you gives her baby dimetapp( cold and flu medicine) every day to reduce the chance of the flu and that cant be good either but i feel i cant say anything cos its not my child.
wen ds is very bad with teething and bonjela doesnt help i give him panadol during day or at night nurofen.

giving panadol all the time is not a good idea, panadol is very dangerous- if u have ALOT of it, it kills ur liver and there is no cure for a dead liver! while panadol is so freely used and bought it is a deadly drug if too much is taken
When I was talking to a nurse on one of those phone services for parents and kids, she told me that panadol or nurofen should only be given to kids when they have a temperature of 38 degrees or higher. She said that people give it to their children way too often when they don't need it and prolonged use can be harmful.
I give infant nurofen to my DD if she has bad teething pain or a high temp, but that's it. I think your friend is doing the wrong thing, especially because the little bub is only 4 months old!!
From my professional understanding...too much panadol to kiddies can lead to all sorts of things...such as liver failure - not a very smart move in my opinion - when they need it - fine - but it should definately NOT be used to settle a bub and make them sleep....argh
We only give bubby panadol when he is teething and it is only at night. When he wakes up in pain at night he is unconsolable and gets very frightened. I know someone who uses phenergan if she can get it or at least a strong pain reliever with a sedative in it every single night to both her kids to get them to sleep - but then she wants them in bed by 7pm everynight. Stupid if you ask me and irresponsible. Then when her kids get sick nothing works on them and she whinges about it.
well, i don't take panadol every night, so i don't give it to my kids, when needed, sure and also the dimetapp or demazin, polaramine, whatever but not on a nightly basis. I have never heard of anyone else doing this, but its not like i ask either, i can't see how it would help any unles there is some sort of aches and pains..
No ..I think this ladies baby is sleping through the night as a fluke ....

I give my boy what ever he needs when he needs it ...not just in case

It can really harm your liver taking it every night and dieing of a paracetamol overdose is one of the most painful ways of dieing ....I give Nurofen ot my son for teething bcause it lasts longer and less harmfull when he has it with somethign to eat ...
Thanks everyone, it is great to know that l am not alone in my way of thinking! I would love a bub who sleeps through every night as well but l just can't resort to giving him a drug everynight to do so. The thing is my friend also gives him the 'Infants Friend' which is also meant to help him sleep, so no wonder he doesn't wake during the night!
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