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How to clean my stroller? Lock Rss


I have a Jeep 3 wheeler and it has gotten a bit dirty over the past 2 years. I am expecting another baby in December and want to clean it up a bit before then and either sell it or use it.

Does anyone know of people that can clean it so it looks new? I'm not the cleaning type so cant be bothered sitting there scrubbing it myself.

By the way, I'm in Sydney so if you know anyone locally that would be great.

The best way i have cleaned my prams is to detach out any of the liners, front bars etc wet the pram then wash with a soft brush with a diluted mix of warm water & wool wash or luxflakes, then stand back & hose off, making sure you get rid of all the soap suds.
all my prams have come up new.
Remember you will need a sunny day to do this as my current pram a Valco has sooo much seat padding it took 2 days to dry.
also if u can tip your pram up on an angle to dry so the water will run down & out.
This really does not take long to do & the results are great.
i just washed the cover from my pram an emmajlunga just threw it in the washing machine in a gentle cycle and pegged it out to dry have not cleaned the frame yet usually wash it with warm soapy water i thought maybe car wash would be good on the paint & chrome. now i have to sponge over the stroller as the cover is not removable and the tandem pram i wish to sell but cannot remember how to undo the covers and misplaced the booklet

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

My husband unscrews it & I soak it in the new oxy nappy san for a couple of hours then I hang it in the carport & I do this every couple of months & it looks new

Nicole, Qld, 18yr, 7yr, 4yrs

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