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how old is everybody here?? Lock Rss

hi everyone, i'm 29yrs and turning the big 30 in january....
[Edited on 28/06/2007]
I am 28 and Aussie all the way !!!!!
I'll be 25 in a few months.. Half way to 50 ooohhh
Hi i'm 27.
Too Old!! LOL 36, 37 in January and feel about 56 today!

4 and grown up now

24 - 25 in September
I'm 35 turning 36 this year...yikes!!!

Hey I'm 19 turning 20 on the 5th of July. I often feel a lot older but it's worth it smile
I'm 33 turning 34 in July.

recently turned 35...i fell pregnant with my first at 23 and the time has flown...
I am 34

Hey Nelly- I'm 24, turning 25 in September also!

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