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Do you think this is creepy?? Lock Rss

NO!! That is creepy!! I would report it if I were you - just in case. Did you check if anything was missing anywhere?

thats bizarre, did you check to make sure everything was still there, nothing missing?

Ooooh, that is sooooo creepy. I would be telling the police. He could have been casing your house for a break in or something. Hope it all goes fine though..............

Ummm no, I have always either had my own carpet cleaner or got some well known company to do it for me like electrodry or someone. Sounds very creepy tho, is anything missing??? Maby he's canvasing your house for a breakin??? Sorry to scare you but something similar happened in our street a few months ago, but it was people (well dressed) supposebly selling water filtration systems, they asked to come in and discuss it with you. Yes they came to our door, but after seeing 2 big nasty looking dogs on the other side of the security screen decided it wasn't such a good idea to come in. About a week later ther were 4 breakin's in our street, the perps got caught, guess what, same people selling water filter thigies. Can never be too careful.

Be Careful.
He was abviously checking your place out for a possible burglary.
That's what these 'low lifes' do, they pretend to be someone they aren't so they can see inside your home.
I have been burgled twice and had a man come to the door asking if I knew where a certain street was..which didn't exist.
Another time a bloke came to the door asking did I know where a certain person lived.
Both times after that, I was robbed.

Stuff that! I would ring the police if I was you.
Definately creepy! We have an ex-room mate/ex-friend of DP that wouldn't give his front door key back to us for months and then a few weeks after he finally handed it over, we found out he had another one cut! Then he started spreading rumours that my partner and i were breaking up, and that we just up and kicked him out! I think you just have to be very careful who you let into your home, whether it's to use the toilet or to live, cos you just never know!

wow--- check he didnt put a camera in your house.. HOW SCAREY...

Why dont u do an ABN search on the company from the business card?? Then call his company and make sure it checks out!

2 baby boyz!

EEk, aren't other people freaked out by this as well? That certainly is really creepy. Can't say that that has happened to us, but then again, when I am home alone with DD I don't usually answer the door at all unless expecting someone. If we have tradespeople doing work on the house I always make sure that someone else is home with me if DH can't be home otherwise we reschedule them to come when someone else can be home with me.

Hope that they catch the guy and hope that all goes ok for you and that you arne't too creeped out.

OMFG creepy as! definately report to police, u can give them a descrption of him and what he was trying to sell, also i think alert ur neighbours! and check for camera's thats the 1st thing that popped into my head!
kiah, i would definately call the police. not only could he be a burgular but also a rapist, murderer etc. i don't mean to scare you but things like this has happened where they suss your place out and see the best getaways and your bedrooms and so on. this type of things freak me out. i mean he could be watching you or your house and you don't even know it. how freaky! i know i can be over reacting but better safe then never. give the police the business card he gave you also a discription of him. they will keep it on file and you never know, someone else might have already complained about it as well.pls take care.
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