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Hi i am not sure if anyone can help me out here but a friend told me that each year in her tax return she used to get about $500 off centrelink for having a child under 5. does anyone know anything about this because i picked up a tax pack from the newsagents and i cant see anything in there about it.wondering how you apply for it? thanks for your help

If your child was born before the initial $3k baby bonus started (1/7/04 from memory), you are entitled to receive up to $500 per year until your child is 5. If you received the large baby bonus in a lump sum, you've already got it.
Its a minimum of $500 - it is worked out on your pre baby and post baby income. (it was designed to encourage High Paid Women to stay out of the workforce.

and is only eligible for babies born up until 30/6/04 and only a couple of years before that.


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I spoke to a lady at the family assistance office about this last week. Everyone gets it. And if my memory serves me correctly, you get it when you've done or tax return or, if you don't work, your dh/dp does his. They all go through family assitance. That's when you recieve any "backpay" and stuff like that also. Just give family assistance a call if you like

13 6150


Although, I am trying to call them at the moment and it's engagned???? What is with that?

Everyone gets the $600 per child - it's a different payment to the $500.
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