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My turn to have a vent!!

I tried to buy Wiggles tickets to the perth concert today and had so much trouble. I ended up getting general admission tickets but was after the Hot Potato section. There are 9 of us that are going as a group (all family) but couldn't get that many tickets together. We were even going to split up but couldn't get 4 tickets together. We were trying from 9am on the dot but still had no luck.

I just looked on Ebay out of interest and there are already tickets to bid on. The Hot Potato seats ($30 each) are being sold for $100 each. Not only that, the seller lives in QLD. There is another one similar in Melbourne - both selling tickets for the Perth concert. WTF??

I know they are out to make money or whatever, but this is to a kids show! I don't think its very fair and has me very annoyed about the whole situation. I think the show organisers should cancel those seats so they can't be used - or the seller can't find a buyer so they are stuck with them.

What is your opinion? Is it every man (or woman) for themself in this situation or is it unfair? scrapbooking - ask me about it ..

I could be wrong but isnt there a law saying you cant pay more than the ticketed price for tickets?
I thought there was some sporting event where peoples tickets were being cancelled because they bought tickets on ebay etc and werent the original purchasers?

I think it is very unfair - I had the same problem last year with the concert in Sydney. Cause I could not get tickets that were where we could see - i decided not to go. A few days before the concert surorise surprise Hot Patoto tickets where there when i checked - I want to know how that works.
I thought it was illegal too but I guess it happens so much that no-one monitors it.

I think a lot of people will choose not to go if they can't get good seats. I know I wouldn't go if it wasn't worth the money scrapbooking - ask me about it ..

yep I think it's utter crap people do this. I saw some on ebay today for $179 and bidding had just started.

Charlie girl 15/01/06 & Dean the Machine 22/08/09

I don't know how people can do this. I guess money makes people do stupid things. I probably wouldn't be so annoyed if I had managed to get better seats! scrapbooking - ask me about it ..

we tryed for the melbourne one and didn't get any as the ticketek site crashed
so we wont be going first one in 5 years

Melissa, Lachlan 6 & Andrew 3

Thats awful for your kids. I can't believe that I can have as much fun at a kids concert as my DD does! haha scrapbooking - ask me about it ..

I cannot beleive the prices on ebay. I guess i am a lucky one got two tickets for my son. Second row from C. I am wrapped. I have already been offered money for them. I told them forget it, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity for my son to see the wiggles.

Caroline Springs

I decided not to try & get some tickets as I thought that the venue in Sydney was too big & DS (14 months) would probably not see much. Maybe I'll try next year.

I will probably kick myself though when the time comes as he loves their music so much.

I remember going to see them at a small football club approx. 10 years ago (previous to having children). It was for an assignment & I must say I enjoyed it as much as the kids there.

As for the scalpers, I think it is really wrong, but unfortunately there is not much from what I understand that can be done about it. Maybe karma will come back on them if / when they have kids.

I saw on the 9am show this morning they were talking about how these tickets have gone onto EBAY just for Profit as some are selling at $100 or more per ticket. They said at this time there is no law to stop this and just advised people not to buy from them or pay that sort of money. They talked directly to Wiggles Manager "Paul Field" and he said there was still plenty of good seats available through the normal outlets for all shows.

hi again
Just got an email today from the wiggles telling me their tickets go on sale 02/07/07 (guess they were only 1 day late), but the email said next week lucky for me I know what the date is

Melissa, Lachlan 6 & Andrew 3

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