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Defining moments......... :) Lock Rss

Hey guys just thought I would share a little moment I had last night with my two year old girl and 5 week old baby boy.
My daughter got up from her nap very quiet and sooky and my newborn had picked yesterday to be really unsettled and hubby was on afternoon shift. Between the two of them they began to cry in tandem and both want to be held. My daughter then started to throw up evrywhere and spiked a fever of 39.6 (I should be thankful this is her first ever real vomit, but timing!)
so I finally get her in to a bath and changed and fed bubs, then go to put him to bed he starts screaming and then so does DD. so I ended up sitting in our small rocking chair next to his cot with one in each arm/leg, talk about awkward and heavy, while they cry at each other then finally my DD starts patting DS telling him its okay that charlie (DD) and Alex(DS) are ok. 5 mins later they both fell asleep holding onto me and DD still with arm around DS all warm and snuggly. It was at this point that something in me realised I am a mum of two, that I am now shared between two incredibley beautiful and loving kids even when they are not at thier best. It was just one of those moments that make you smile - even through the frustration of the crying its still worth it.
the next four hours saw the baby sleeping soundly (tyhank goodness) and the toddler still vomitting evrywhere and having two more showers and being held constantly -but after a moment like that it was all easier.
take care

Bec, NsW, charlie 5, AJ almost 3

Bec, i know what you mean. If your daughter doesnt get better get her to a doctor, my son had much the same and was hospitalized for 3 days! Apparently there is a really strong bug going around, and some people have died from it! Hope your little one is feeling better.

The Deeks 07/08/02, Googie 23/11/04

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