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Hello Kate Jazmyn Zachary,

I am in no way bored. Im too busy to be bored. LOL LOL
Its just stuff I do in my down time or when I do have an half hour to spare.

I too wish that there we more hours in the day and I totally love being at home with my two little ones.

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Have you thought about volunteer work? Maybe take up a hobby? Maybe give me some of your energy! I could do with it! ha ha ha....I've always got heaps to do but find excuses to get on here and blah, blah, blah......this is 'my time'. I've got heaps of ironing and a cupboard full of cleaning products! Come on over and I'll put the kettle on for a cuppa and yes, I'll give you a hand cleaning. LOL!
Hi Peady,

I too have a background in early childhood education (teacher). Although I am pretty busy with 3 girls I understand what you mean about wanting to do something to either keep up with study or contribute towards the family income. What about doing family day care in your home? This would provide a little extra money and give your DD some playmates. You could continue to use your skills as an early childhood professional to plan activities and learning experiences which cater for the individual needs of the children you look after.

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