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shopping for baby - online? Lock Rss

I posted in another area but this one seems a better place.

I am just wondering if anyone has some good suggetions for online shopping for baby & kids in general?

I have been looking all day and have only found two that I really love. If anyone has any idea or knows of any great websites, please list them here as they seem hard to find.

I'll start off..........
Arizona Rose
** this one caught my beacause not only are the clothes and baby blankets divine - it's run by mums with small children. I wish i had that much energy.
I joined their mailing list and got back a message saying anyone who joins before Feb gets a lifetime 10% discount.

they have some beautiful classic clothes, a bit pricey but very nice and traditional.

So keep it going and if anyone knows of any bargains going list them as well.

I visit the following regularly:
(for nursery)

Rachel, 20mth girl + 1 on the way

i buy online most of the time.

there is they let you know if the clothes are new or used. you can get some really good bargains from here.

now the sites i give you i dont know if they are for clothes or for toys or what. they are saved under my favourties.... online in a folder.
is a good one too they sell all ages of clothes.

this one is for toys. they are a good fairly cheap site. i usually search for things in a search engine such as and see whats on offer online in australia

this is a site for the smaller babies.
they sell everything. i usually shop around though. if i see something i want i see if i can find it in google any where else cheaper. i usually save $40 or more.

i think thats enough... LOL please email me if you find anymore. i love shopping online i wish there was more places that you could do it.

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